Return to Daming to be a gifted scholar

"Mr. Song, I understand the benevolence and righteousness of the Ming court,

"Mr. Song, I understand the benevolence and righteousness of the Ming court, and I also understand the difficulties of the Ming court." Lin Dan shamelessly said: "But the problem is that our Mongolian land is vast and the people are nomadic, so it is impossible to count the accurate number of the people.". It is impossible to agree on the amount of grain purchased according to the number of people. Otherwise, the Ming court should not limit the amount of grain trading first, and when I carefully count the population of the Mongolian people, we will discuss the amount of grain trading restrictions. "Khan, how much time do you need to count the Mongolian population?" Song asked with a smile. Lin Dan replied slyly, "I'm not sure. We Mongolians are different from the Han people. The Han people like to settle down in one place, so it's easy to count the population of the people. But we Mongolians like to drive cattle and sheep to camp everywhere.". There is no fixed place of residence, so it takes a long time to count the population, maybe three years, maybe two years. It's anybody's guess. Lin Dan's excuse is really a bit crooked. Nomadic people have no fixed abode, which everyone knows, Song Xichuan will not be able to refute for a while and a half, and it is precisely because of this, Song Xichuan just dare not promise to completely liberalize the scale of grain trading, Zhang Da young master finally just eradicated the eight locust merchants in Zhangjiakou. Song Tiancai did not want to support Lin Dan, the top of the wall,liquid bottle filling machine, to inherit the jobs and financial resources of the eight locust merchants. After repeated calculations for a long time, Song Xichuan said to Lin Dan, "The Great Khan, this is a big matter. The little envoy dare not make decisions without authorization. As for the complete liberalization of grain trade, please allow the little envoy to report to the Ming court before he can give you a reply." "All right, Mr. Song, please help yourself. If you need a good horse to deliver the letter,Edible oil filling machine, please don't hesitate to ask." Lin Dan pretended to be generous and promised that Lin Dan was not in a hurry. The awards promised by the Ming court and the two of them were indispensable. The negotiations will not be concluded for a day. The imperial court of the Ming Dynasty dared not do the scale of grain trading for a day, and Lin Dan could also take the opportunity to sell more grain for storage. Thanks to the Great Khan, the little envoy took his leave and went back to prepare for the Song Dynasty. Thanks, he led the general theory to take his leave. Looking at the back of Song Tiancai's departure, the Sharba Lama, who had not spoken, finally opened his mouth. Yin Yin said, "The Great Khan, you can take the third step. Send an army to Ang's skirt.". Put a little pressure on the Ming court Lin Dan nodded and ordered, "Somebody, go and call Ezhe to me." Moments later, Ezhe, who was driven away by Lin Dan, was called back to Wan'an Palace, PET blow moulding machine ,Beverage packing machine, and received a task from Lin Dan that made Ezhe ecstatic. He led fifty thousand troops south on the pretext that the grassland thieves needed protection. Stationed at the Nao'er Lake, more than a hundred miles north of Zhangjiakou, to exert pressure on the Daming border! However, Lin Dan was also very clear about his eldest son's virtue of being jealous of Daming. He specifically explained: "You must be careful when it comes to raising your skirt. If Team Ming negotiates with you, you will say that you need to garrison troops to protect the commercial road.". If the Ming team didn't attack you. Without my orders, you must not take the initiative to provoke and attack the Ming team! "I understand that Zhe promised in a careless way.". Then he asked tentatively, "Father Khan, what if the barbarian army takes the initiative to attack me?" "That depends on your ability." Lin Dan said arrogantly: "With your fifty thousand troops, it should not be difficult to take Zhangjiakou and Xuanfu, right?"? [] Has always believed that the best choice for Mongolia is to join hands with Jiannu to destroy the Ming Dynasty. Ezhe received the task of putting pressure on the Ming Dynasty. Ezhe himself was so proud that he led fifty thousand nomadic cavalry to Zhangjiakou. After Xuanda officials, who were already worried about fighting on both sides, received a tip from a Mongolian merchant who had been bribed by the Ming army, they all panicked and rushed to send the news to Baode to report to Master Zhang, who was worried about the rebels haunting him like gangrene attached to the bone. Hearing the news, Master Zhang's little face was scared white once, almost thinking that Song's mission had failed, and Lin Dan was ready to fight against Daming. But fortunately, at this time, Song Xichuan reported the letter after the negotiations, was also sent to the front of Master Zhang by the fast horse. Got it! Lin Dan is putting pressure on Daming. After reading Song Xichuan's letters, Master Zhang was suddenly enlightened and immediately guessed Lin Dan's real intention. "Lin Dan didn't want to be controlled by Daming on the issue of grain. Maybe he wanted to make a big profit by reselling grain. So he negotiated with Song Xichuan while sending troops to the border of Daming to exert pressure on the Ming court and force the Ming court to open up the grain trade." Let Mongolia buy it. Zhang Xiantai, will Shoe Qin seize the opportunity to attack Zhangjiakou? Shi Kefa asked nervously. Master Zhang hesitated a little and quickly replied, "At least 80% probably not. The food shortage in Mongolia is more serious than that in Daming. Lin Dan will not fall out with Daming for a while.". And according to Lin Dan's past military habits, big battles are usually led by him personally, this time he sent his eldest son to bring troops, proving that he only threatened the Ming court, there is no intention of a full-scale war. "It was strange that Sun Chuanting, the future general under Master Zhang, saw something was wrong and said doubtfully," If Le Target wanted to put pressure on the court and force the court to allow them to open up the conditions for grain trading, then why didn't their troops go directly to Gubeikou, which is closer, and come to Zhangjiakou instead? " I'm afraid this is Lindane's plan to kill two birds with one stone. Master Zhang analyzed: "As far as Lin Dan is concerned, of course, the bigger the chaos in the Ming Dynasty, the better, and Xuanda is at the forefront of blocking the expansion of the chaos.". So Lin Dan sent troops south to Zhangjiakou, which played two roles, one was to force the court to agree to his greedy conditions, and the other was to force my main force to go north. Strengthen the defense of the Great Wall of Xuanda. So as to weaken the power of Xuanda to suppress the rebels. Speaking of this, Master Zhang grinned grimly and added, "The abacus is very good. It's not convenient to fight directly against Daming, so I use the method of increasing pressure to contain my main force in a disguised way,liquid bottle filling machine, and change ways to support the rebels to make trouble!"! Unfortunately, the fifty thousand cavalry, not qualified to contain my main force.

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