Qimeng Xuanji

Zhao Jianshen was so angry that he said to Xuanji,

Zhao Jianshen was so angry that he said to Xuanji, "The food over there is too far away for me to reach.." Xuanji also did not think much, took the plate in front of Zhao Jianshen, bowed his head and continued to eat. It is too difficult to use a word to describe Zhao Jianshen's expression at that moment. See Zhao Jianshen eat shriveled, Yi Qingyun did not hold back for a while, the rice in the mouth sprayed half of the table. Xuanji jumped up and said angrily, "Elder brother, you are really disgusting. How can people eat like this?!" Yi Qingyun laughed so hard that he threw down his rice bowl and said, "I'm full. Ha ha, ha!" In the heart a resentment thoroughly, stretched out his arm and patted Zhao Jianshen on the shoulder twice to express the winner's sympathy and comfort for the loser, Yi Qingyun walked away contentedly. It seems that Zhao Jianshen is not very popular in front of his younger sister. Yi Qingyun thought proudly, "My younger sister is much better to my eldest brother than to my future husband. She deserves to be my little sister!"! I didn't hurt her in vain! The following does not count the number of words. Zhao big devil eat shriveled, certainly won't so let it go, hey! Recommended tickets are so few, B sweat, may have to wait until Tuesday,face recognition identification, Wednesday to 3 more, whoo! There are a few more pink tickets, and all those who do good deeds without leaving a name are caught! Enchantress of Red Soul Jade (ISBN: 105) a piece of ancient spirit jade that can absorb the soul, a volume of ancient incantation that can separate the soul, a girl who crosses the open space, a ruthless enchantress,Interactive digital signage, and a complicated Jianghu grudge. She pursues the truth between reality and illusion. If the destiny does not let you choose, then you use up everything to become stronger than the destiny, and then turn your back on it! Fantasy stories. Hold hands and fall in love Yi Qingyun suddenly so ran, Xuanji is very inexplicable, looking at a table of "polluted" food is very depressed, she has not eaten enough! Zhao Jianshen had come out of the humiliation of failure and clapped his hands to let his subordinates carry down the food and send up a few simple dishes. There were only two people left in the hall in a twinkling of an eye. Xuanji was a little nervous. He picked up his rice bowl and planned to eat it quickly and retreat. After eating two mouthfuls, he found that Zhao Jianshen did not move his chopsticks and stared at her with an unfathomable gaze. Xuanji couldn't eat any more. He put down his rice bowl and said, "What's wrong?" "You are not good to me," said Zhao Jianshen. There is a sense of bitterness in this remark. Xuanji almost wanted to dig his ears to see if he had misheard, Zhao big devil unexpectedly will be bitter! "I, I didn't do anything to you." Xuanji felt so innocent. You just don't want to do anything for me. You don't even want to give me chopsticks! This time it's an accusation. The problem lies in the food, Xuanji almost want to roll his eyes, touch screen digital signage ,touch screen kiosk, how can these two big men suddenly be so childish! But it's better not to offend the big devil. Xuanji ingratiatingly sent a few chopsticks to his bowl to show his sincerity. You give me a clip to eat! Zhao big demon king is insatiable, the person moves to Xuan Ji's side, the talon stretches very naturally to put on her waist. Can't let him climb up the pole like this, otherwise his next step is not to ask her to pick up food for him to eat but to eat her, Xuanji brain sounded the red alarm. However, it is rare to show a little childish Zhao Demon King really charming ah, Xuanji was dizzy by electricity. His right hand did not listen to the warning and picked up a piece of scrambled egg and sent it to the big devil's mouth. Zhao Jianshen opened his mouth to eat the egg slices, but also intentionally or unintentionally contained the tip of the chopsticks, Xuanji heart soft and numbing, can not help but secretly scold his nymphomaniac useless, but also scold Zhao Jianshen natural scourge, how a simple action, he did so magic, so. What about porn? Even feed Zhao big demon king to eat a few dishes, see him a look of contentment. As if the taste of those ordinary home-cooked dishes was better than the delicacies of the world, Xuanji quietly felt a little excitement called a sense of achievement in his heart. It seemed that he had a great influence on the big devil. When I was secretly proud, I suddenly remembered that it was my chopsticks that fed him vegetables, and that he had eaten them. What should I eat with?! Xuanji worried about whether to throw the chopsticks on the ground with slippery hands, so that he could change a pair as a matter of course, and the big devil on the opposite side had already struck first. He took the chopsticks in one hand and put a chopstick of food to her lips. Is it good to eat? There is his saliva on the chopsticks. Xuanji fell into the battle between heaven and man, and finally his timid character prevailed. He opened his mouth to eat the dish and swallowed it without biting. Just swallow a mouthful, and then a chopstick. Xuanji ate obediently. Zhao Jianshen is not unaware of Xuanji's embarrassment and reluctance to see her this grievance and dare not resist the appearance is really too cute. It is not easy to finish an ambiguous and sensational meal. Zhao Jianshen did not intend to release people, rare Yi Qingyun that uninteresting today automatically exit, just to catch Xuanji outside the house to cultivate feelings. Based on Xuanji's lazy and dreamy life habits, she seldom goes out at night. At this moment, a super beautiful man gently holds her hand and walks on the ridge of the field. The ordinary scenery in the daytime becomes beautiful and wonderful under the moonlight. The sound of cicadas and frogs rose and fell one after another, and the air was filled with the fresh smell of grass and trees, as if they were the only two people left between heaven and earth. Xuanji suddenly remembered a sentence he had heard in his previous life: "The scenery is secondary, and the important thing is the person who accompanies you to see the scenery.". Looking sideways at the handsome and extraordinary man beside him, Xuanji asked himself silently, "Is he the one who can accompany me to see the scenery?"? The two of them did not know when to stop. Zhao Jianshen reached out his hand and dialed Xuanji's hair, which was blown by the evening breeze. He asked softly, "Do you have something to say to me?" Xuanji thought for a moment. "My uncle said," he stammered. You, your harem.. "Uh.." This question seems to be too unpleasant to ask now. Zhao Jianshen didn't take it seriously. Pulling Xuanji to sit on a big stone on the edge of the field, he said with a smile, "I have handed over all the concubines, singers and maidservants in the backyard to Zhang Ma to arrange for their dismissal.". I am truly without a wife now,smart interactive whiteboard, and I am only waiting to marry you. "Huh?" Although uncle mentioned, but from Zhao Jianshen mouth, still teach Xuanji a little can not believe that this guy is not very insistent that men should have some "entertainment". hsdtouch.com

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