The shadow of the sword is cold

He waited at ease, resting his mind and paying attention to each other's movements,

He waited at ease, resting his mind and paying attention to each other's movements, not daring to be careless. He understood that since the prodigal son of the five lakes had invited someone to track him, he would never stop. He would do everything possible to search for his whereabouts. It was only a day's journey from Shunshan. It was still a dangerous place. How dare he be careless? The sound of the bow shoes stepping on the snow came to my ears and gradually approached. They're coming into the pavilion. He wanted to. Entering the pavilion to take shelter from the wind and snow was a matter of course, but the two village girls did not wait to cross the shed to take shelter, but came to the ventilated pavilion in all directions, which really made him suspicious. The upper part of his eyes was covered by a turban, and his vision was limited. He could only see the ground five or six paces away. When someone approached, he could only see the lower part of his feet, not above his knees. First of all, he smelled a faint fragrance in his nose, which he was familiar with. When he smelled it, he knew that it was the lavender fragrance used by those small Jaspers. It was completely different from the powder fragrance. From the fragrance, he could probably distinguish the identity of the woman. Mmm! It's a village girl, but. But they are born with a pair of bright and clear eyes, perhaps this area of beautiful mountains and rivers, girls born extraordinary. He wanted to. As a result, he almost dropped his guard. The pavilion is not big, the north wind is strong,smartboards for business, the granular snowflakes are blown into the pavilion by the wind, and there are not many places to avoid snow. He was sitting in the southwest corner, with a view of the pier to the east. The pavilion was facing north, and he was leaning against it. Out of the corner of his eye, he first saw two pairs of cotton bow shoes, which were not too big or too small, coming to the pavilion,65 inch smart board, followed by blue cotton trousers that were as long as the vamp. There was someone in the pavilion, and the two villagers were not surprised, but they still hesitated a little at the entrance of the pavilion, and then went to the southeast corner of the pavilion. He put down two small packages under the pavilion pillar and looked out at Anping, who was sleeping on the pillar. The two of them nodded knowingly, smiled faintly, took off their handkerchiefs, and casually shook off the snowflakes on their bodies. A few snowflakes splashed down on Anping, but he ignored them. Men and women are not close to each other. A well-behaved woman will never have the cheek to strike up a conversation with a strange man. Both sides froze. Anping could not see the faces of the village girls and did not pay attention to their expressions. For a long time, the village girl, who was a little taller and looked older last year, winked at her companion and said, "Miss Zhu, interactive panels for education ,interactive panel board, why hasn't Mrs. Zhang found the boatman yet?"? I'm worried to death. Who knows? "She's taken our money, and I'm afraid Bob will go home and leave us alone!" The little village girl named Zhu Yatou answered. Her bright red mouth pouted high, and her charming expression was very touching. In my opinion, we have to find it by ourselves and wait here. When will we wait? Wouldn't it be bad if the family found out we had escaped and sent someone after us? "We are strangers here. We are more than twenty miles away from home. Where does the boatman live? We know how to find it." "Alas!"! Really An Ping is stupefied, the heart says: "It is two girls that run away from home so, trouble is big." For a long time, there was still no movement, the dock was still deserted, and there was no boatman's figure. Strangely enough, there were no ghosts on the dock on the other side. The nearest village to the dock is also four or five miles away. Where can I find the boatman. After a long time, the old village girl said, "Miss Zhu, go and ask the master if he can help us." "Wu Niang, this." It's not convenient! The pearl girl said reluctantly to him. With a deep sigh, Wu Niang said anxiously, "If we can't find anyone to help us.." Alas! If they catch up with us, we will be in a dilemma. With that, there was another deep sigh, which made Anping's heart turn sideways and aroused his chivalrous heart. He put on his turban and stood up slowly. As soon as his eyes came into contact with the two village girls, he was stunned. Dear! Not only were the faces of the two village girls surprisingly beautiful, but their delicate and charming charm was even more exciting. The village girl, who had already removed her handkerchief, was much more moving than just now. She did not look like a village girl. Her face was red and fragrant, her beautiful facial features were very symmetrical and surprisingly beautiful, and her big black and white eyes were very moving. There was a lot of doubt in his mind, but he kept quiet. He nodded with a smile and said, "The two girls are invited. Xiao Ke is also waiting for the ferry. He is even more unfamiliar with people and places. He is unable to help the girls. What can he do?" Wu Niang put her arm around Zhu Yatou, who was too shy to see a stranger. Her face was full of anxiety. She took two steps closer and said anxiously, "I saw Ye Tai's package and knew that Ye Tai was also a stranger waiting for him. So I dared to ask Ye Tai for help.." "But Xiao Ke couldn't help.". I'll go to the boat to have a look. Xiao Ke knows how to steer the boat. If the boatman doesn't come again, Xiao Ke may be able to get the boat across the north shore. With a wry smile, Anping said that he had an accident and hurried to the dock. He was disappointed. There were no oars, no poles, and nothing in the boat except a rope. Ferry boat, there was a private crossing, and the ferryman took the boat away at night, and there was nothing unusual about it, so it was not surprising. He returned to the pavilion and said with a wry smile, "unfortunately, all the boats on the ferry boat were taken away by the boatman." "Then.." So what to do? "Wu Niang asked with a discolored face." That Then we'll have to wait for the boatman to come. Anping answered helplessly. But We don't.. You can't wait! "Why are the two girls so eager to cross the river?" Wu Niang gave a deep sigh and said with a sad face, "Alas!"! It's a long story. Our lives are too hard. "Girl, Xiao Ke thinks that if the girl feels inconvenient, she needn't say anything." "I'm not afraid of jokes. There's nothing inconvenient about my body. Although I'm ashamed of doing things with the Pearl Girl.." "The girl's words are generous,smartboard for business, not like a village girl." Anping said with a smile. The concubine was the fifth concubine of the Tu family in Gugang Ao, and the Tu family was the rich man of Ganzhou Prefecture. May I have your name, Yetai? "Xiao Ke's surname is Xia.". The girl just said she was afraid of someone coming after her. "Gugang'ao is about twenty miles west." "Did the girl escape?" 。

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