The misfortune of the emperor of Qin

Her body was weak and boneless, with a faint fragrance refreshing,

Her body was weak and boneless, with a faint fragrance refreshing, and the feeling of softness in his bosom made his body empty. As a normal man, of course, he knew what it meant, but his purpose was just to make her submit. Over the years, reason and cultivation had made him hold on to himself and would not easily go beyond this relationship. -------------- Start coding tomorrow's manuscript now, and try to update it earlier tomorrow. Ah, ah, ah. Emperors (Chapter 32) Although he did not further aggression, but enough to let Ren Chujing can no longer maintain calm, even the past tough and stubborn also completely disappeared without a trace. Nope No need "She blushed and shouted in a panic, subconsciously trying to break away from him, but her body froze in place because she was too nervous and let him hold her tightly.". This is enough, even if there is no deeper relationship, her body has been seen by him, and he has such intimate contact, even if you want to deny it. Letting go of her, he picked up the robe beside her to cover her body, and then began to tidy up the clothes wet by her body. After a while, he suddenly found that she was still holding the robe and looking at him foolishly. Bloody hell, is she trying to entice him to go on? Seeing most of her beautiful legs exposed outside her robe, he couldn't help whispering, "Why don't you put on your clothes?" At the same time as he turned around, she said "Oh" and began to dress in a hurry. A burst of rapid footsteps came from the distance, breaking the quiet, Qin Ming is self-doubt, a dry voice has roared, "Ren Chujing!" "Ren Chujing, are you in there?" This voice should be the housekeeper of Jinglin Wangfu, with the impatience of the voice, has begun to knock on the door. Fortunately, when he came in,ultrasonic molten metal, he had already bolted the door, so there was no need to worry that someone would suddenly break in, but when he saw that Ren Chujing had not responded, he could not help turning around, but saw that she had already turned pale with horror and was stunned. What's the matter? "Unde that glare of his eyes, she came to her senses." Why don't you reply for a long time? Wang Ye asked you to go there. Zhao butler roared outside the house. I know. I'm taking a shower. I'll be there in a minute. As she spoke, she hurriedly tied her skirt. Was she so flustered that she was afraid of being known that he was in her room? I do not know why, to see her such a reaction, let him feel very unhappy, how to say that he is also the emperor, with him together let her feel very invisible? Everyone in the house knew that she was already his woman, and who else did she want to publicize her innocence in front of? As if feeling his gaze, she could not help looking up at him, and then he gave him a fierce stare, completely forgetting how embarrassed she had just been. It seems that my absence has created many opportunities for you to get along with each other. Hearing the people outside the house go away, he sneered coldly, ultrasonic welding transducer ,ultrasonic dispersion machine, it was dark, Qin Xuan also summoned her, it seems that he was ready to fight him to the end. Had it not been for giving her an identity to convince the world, he would have taken her away now, so that she would not be entangled with other men here. Putting on his clothes, Ren Chujing became much bolder. He avoided the sharp edge in his eyes and said fearlessly, "Your Majesty, aren't you jealous?" Joke, will the king of a country be jealous because of a woman? He just wanted her to know that she would die a terrible death if she played with royal majesty as a game. Holding back the depression and embarrassment that these two words brought to his heart, Qin Ming raised a cold smile and said, "You are my woman now. I need to remind you that in Biluo, people who betray me are usually punished by Ling Chi. If you don't want to die ugly, you'd better keep this in mind." Satisfied to see her face pale with fear because of his words, he further escalated this fear: "Also, all the women I have been lucky, unless I decide, no one can touch, otherwise, it is also a great disrespect, heavy can be executed." If she and Qin Xuan are tired of living, try it. Under his deterrence, her arrogance was suppressed a lot. She swallowed her saliva with difficulty and said, "I'm just a maid. It's a matter of course for a maid to serve her master. What are you threatening me to do?"? I'm not as dirty as you think. Looking at her expression, he knew that although she was a woman, she had her own principles, which was why he would rest assured that she would stay here. Perhaps, subconsciously, he still hoped that fate would tend to him, so no matter how much interference there was in the process, her way was always towards him. Now, under his control, this is gradually being realized. Soon it won't be. When the imperial edict arrives tomorrow, she will be the princess in the palace, the sister of King Jinglin, and also his concubine Qin Ming. Thinking of this, the smile on his face deepened, and he said to the woman standing in front of him, "Go and do your work, or you will be punished if you are late." This is her last night on duty in Jinglin Wangfu, so let her enjoy her civilian status. At this point, he turned around and opened the door. I don't know when the sky outside the house had turned dark. If he returned to the palace now, he could still sleep for a few hours. Did not stay, he took advantage of the night, quietly left the palace, fast horse to the capital. In the following days, Feng Jiuyi seemed to have accepted this fact, and did not ask him any more questions about Ren Chujing. He just did his best to start the wedding. From wearing supplies to arranging the etiquette of teaching, there was no omission, just like a virtuous queen. In order to follow his advice, she always consulted him personally and decided by him, so she appeared in the south study almost every day these days. However, according to Tianya City's tip, the Feng family has sent someone to inquire about the origin of Ren Chujing's identity,sonicator homogenizer, and what Feng Jiuyi has done, besides wanting to stabilize your heart, the most important thing is to show her advantages in front of him.

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