Be a magic stick in the Three Kingdoms

Had quietly witnessed the Yan Qing was stuck in the rubble in and out of the mess,

Had quietly witnessed the Yan Qing was stuck in the rubble in and out of the mess, it can continue to stand proudly in the wind and snow, to accept the worship of the believers, lyu3 bu4 greedy line of sight, and Yan Qingfei handed the eye knife. At the same time, not far from here in the city, there is a young man from the north, is frowning with little money left, bargaining with a shopkeeper. He was simply dressed and had no ornaments, which showed that he came from an ordinary family. The body length is eight feet, the shoulders are wide and the legs are long, the body is tall and straight, and the body is strong. Look at the age is not long, the whole body is not half impetuous, but there is a sense of youth and maturity, appearance is also quite a bit of good place. He has bright eyebrows, clear eyes and fair complexion. It was the girl's favorite look, but now she looked serious and unsmiling, adding a bit of maturity and steadiness that did not match the green impression of her smooth chin. It was not easy to negotiate the price. In fact, the young man, who had never been good at words and only had to bite the bullet, breathed a sigh of relief from the bottom of his heart. "Please wait a little longer," he pleaded. Before the shopkeeper was about to take him to his room, he was stupefied when he heard this. "What's the matter?" He said warily? The money can't be less! "No." The boy shook his head, dropped an ambiguous sentence, turned around and went out smartly. The shopkeeper's eyes widened in disbelief. "What are you doing?" Isn't this smelly boy from out of town not going to stay in the hotel at all? He just spent a lot of time talking and just came to play with him? But before the shopkeeper flew into a rage, a moment later, the young man carefully carried a man who was somewhat similar to him in appearance, but much thinner, with a sickly face, and was falling asleep. "I live in the same room with my elder brother," he whispered. The shopkeeper just wanted to rest assured, but after hearing this, he almost didn't pick it up in one breath. He said, "If I had known you were living with two people, or a sick one, how could I agree to this price?"? I warn you in advance that the bed is only big enough for one person, not for two big men! "I'll sleep on the floor, of course, so I won't crush the bed." The boy smiled sheepishly and wrote down the word'Zhao Yun 'on the bamboo slips. He quickly paid the money and did not give the shopkeeper a chance to go back on his word. He immediately bowed to him and said, "Please take care of me." The shopkeeper frowned at him. The boy surnamed Zhao didn't talk much, but his appearance and age were all pleasing. It was the first time he had smiled when he came into the room. Even if the shopkeeper didn't want to keep a patient here overnight, he couldn't bear to drive people away. Besides, it was freezing outside, and there were few customers in the shop. He had no choice but to shake his head and admit his bad luck: "Forget it. Is this your elder brother?" Zhao Yun carried his elder brother on his back in silence, holding polished silver in one hand. Guns Steady as the wind: "Exactly.". Seeing this, the shopkeeper was quite amazed. As he led him upstairs, he asked, "Changshan County is not far from here, nor is it close. The world is very chaotic now. How dare you take a patient on the road alone?" As soon as Zhao Yun changed the argument he had just made when bargaining, he said, "It's all right." From the tone of understatement, it was not difficult for the shopkeeper to imagine that the young man was actually mostly a ruthless character. He could not help wondering to himself: "But in this big winter, why bother the patient so much?" As soon as the words came out of his mouth, inflatable floating water park , the shopkeeper himself remembered. He patted his forehead and said, "Aren't you here for Doctor Hua?" Zhao Yun's eyes lit up. "That's true.". Do you know where the miraculous doctor is now? His parents died early, and he lived with his elder brother. His elder brother was weak and sick, and he was in bed all the year round. He also sought medical advice in the local area, but the effect was not good. Not long ago, he heard from two horse merchants that there was a miraculous doctor named Hua Tuo, who was prescribing medicine for Guo Bie, who had a similar disease, in Qiaodi. With expectations, he brought his elder brother, who could not be delayed any longer, to visit a famous doctor. Otherwise, the elder brother is in such a state that he can't feel at ease to go on a long journey and join the forces of one side. The shopkeeper lowered his face and sighed, "Oh, you're late!"! Doctor Hua left Qiaodi as early as half a month ago and insisted on wandering. I went to practice medicine ——” There was a buzz in Zhao Yun's mind, as if five thunderbolts had hit the top. Suddenly his eyes opened wide and he stood on the spot in disbelief: "How could this happen?!" The shopkeeper laughed and patted him on the shoulder. "Don't worry. Although there are no skilled doctors here, there are still immortals who can command the wind and rain." As for the traces of immortals laid by Yan Qing, they were only quite popular in the Guanzhong area, but had not yet spread further north. When Zhao Yun heard this, he was stunned: "Immortals?" Just as the shopkeeper was about to elaborate, he saw his fat woman, who had always been lying down and did not like to move, running towards him with unusual speed. He was startled: "Slow down, slow down!"! What's the matter with you? His daughter-in-law, however, was not obedient. As she gasped for breath, she blushed and shouted at the top of her voice, "The street and the neighborhood say there are, there are, there are fairy traces!"! Go, go, go! Fairy trace? Zhao Yun did not care to feel disappointed or painful, and frowned with a question mark on his head. However, without waiting for him to ask, a breeze suddenly blew up in his ears. Go and look for it yourself! It turned out to be the shopkeeper after putting down the words, without hesitation to throw the key to the standing zhaoyun body, and then the whole person three steps and two steps, and he brushed past, to roll down the stairs with a ferocious momentum, with his wife, like a wolf to go out. Chapter 67 Chapter 67 The shopkeeper left in a hurry and threw a whole bunch of keys to Zhao Yun in a hurry. And there are only two absent-minded, from time to time looking out of the fellow, zhaoyun if the mind is not right, this has what evil heart, want to do something evil, is also easy. He did not think in those directions at all, but looked down confusedly for a moment, then suppressed the curiosity that was almost aroused, and continued to carry his brother, who had used the pills on the cart and had not yet woken up, looking at the room numbers on the frame, and honestly looking for them one by one. After finding his own room, Zhao Yun opened the door, carefully put his elder brother on the bed, helped him cover the quilt, lit the stove, propped up the closed wooden window a little bit,Inflatable water park on lake, sat cross-legged on the ground, untied the money bag hanging around his waist, and began to concentrate on counting money.

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