Biography of God King

After reading it carefully, I found that the magic skill was totally

After reading it carefully, I found that the magic skill was totally different from the Kunlun mental method taught by the old man Zhuang, the "Great Skill of Red Eyebrows". Moreover, it was extremely difficult to practice the method. Without the spirit of great forbearance, there was no hope of small success. After reading it, he felt very tired, so he went back to the cave and fell asleep in his fur coat. When I woke up the next morning, I walked out of the cave, thinking that I would live here for several years, and that I should understand the whole mountain situation clearly and solve the problem of food, so I walked away. This Jiuhua Mountain is cut into four directions, five thousand feet high, extremely steep and extremely dangerous. The mountain valley twists and turns, especially many waterfalls. Ruan Wei walked to a cliff and heard the sound of digging stones under the cliff. His heart was very different. He looked down and saw that the cliff began to protrude fifty feet below, like a pregnant woman's belly. In that prominent place, there was a big man in a short shirt, wrapped in a huge rope as thick as his fist, tied to a big tree growing out of the cliff at both ends, with his trousers rolled up, showing his bare feet with black hair on his legs, and propped up on the wall to keep his balance. In his hand, he held a huge axe of a strange shape, which was cutting on the wall, and the protruding wall was marked by him,Agate Stone Price, so that it was obvious that he had been cutting for some time. Ruan Weizheng looked strange, and behind him came two little maidservants, dressed in fox fur, with a generous manner, who seemed to be the servants of an official family. They went to Ruan Wei's side, and without looking at him, they bowed their heads and screamed: "The hour has come. Come up and rest." After saying that, no matter whether the big man in the short shirt heard it or not,Granite Slab Supplier, he put down the basket in his hand and walked away side by side, talking and laughing. As if listening to the words of the two maidservants, the man in a short shirt climbed up hurriedly. As soon as he got to the ground, he did not look at Ruan Wei. He went to the two baskets and sat down cross-legged. He first opened a basket, which contained a basket of steaming snow-white steamed buns, and then opened another basket, which contained two dishes of dried fruits and two dishes of side dishes. The big man in a short shirt had an amazing appetite. After a while, half a basket of steamed buns was already in his stomach, but the dried fruits and side dishes did not move at all. Perhaps he was too hungry to be distracted to eat fruits and vegetables. In the early morning of Gaoshan, the chill was very heavy, and in this winter it was even more bitter. Ruan Wei stood for a long time without exercise, and shivered slightly with cold. Instead, he saw that the big man in the short shirt was wearing less than him, but he was not afraid of the cold at all. From time to time, he wiped the sweat from his forehead with his hand. Ruan Wei was greatly surprised. Ruan Wei couldn't help but take out the good wine in his bosom to keep out the cold and drink several mouthfuls. The big man in a short shirt had a very keen sense of smell. He suddenly turned around and looked at the wine in Ruan Wei's hand. "Good wine!" He said greedily! Wine! Wine! He did not drink the wine, but only smelled it, and his heart was full of admiration. Ruan Wei saw that he was so addicted to alcohol that he stepped forward and handed over the bottle of good wine with both hands. Short shirt big fellow is also not polite, Calacatta Nano Glass ,Grey Marble Slab, then "gurgle" "gurgle" drink a trickle. He licked his lips and let out a sigh of relief. "I haven't drunk for more than twenty years," he exclaimed. "I didn't expect to be able to quench my thirst here today! Fat! He looked at Ruan Wei, stretched out a big hand full of thick cocoons and blue veins, and waved to Ruan Wei: "Boy, please sit down!"! Sit down, please Ruan Wei has a forthright character. Although he feels cold, he doesn't care about him. He approaches and sits down. As soon as Ruan Wei got close to him, he saw that his beard was full of wrinkles. He was at least sixty years old. He looked like a big man, but in fact he should be an old man! He introduced himself: "The old man lost the sheep. What's your name, boy?" When Ruan Wei saw that he was old enough to be his grandfather, he hurriedly said respectfully: "Ruan Wei, the younger generation." The male lost sheep laughed. "Good name!"! Name, please use it. Make yourself at home. Ruan Wei knew that he was a strange man and did not want to receive a little favor from others. He gave him wine to drink. If he did not eat his food, he would be unhappy, so he picked up a steamed bun and chewed it. Gong Shuyang was so happy that he grinned and followed Ruan Wei to eat steamed buns. In a moment, a basket of steamed buns and four dishes of fruits and vegetables were eaten clean by the two of them, and even the steamed bun scalp was not left. When the male sheep was full, he closed his eyes and sat in meditation, snoring in an instant. Perhaps he was too tired from his work last night, so he was able to sit and sleep soundly. Ruan Wei gently left and went to a meteorite facing the east. He opened the key points of yoga practice and practiced one by one according to the methods contained in it. For two hours, Ruan Wei was sweating profusely, and the snow nearby was melted by his body heat. But he felt that although these two hours were hard, he had made no progress in Yoga. If he had not mastered Kunlun Internal Skill and Mental Skill, he would have frozen to death. Ruan Wei sighed, no longer strong practice, down the top stone to relax, came to the male sheep, see him still sitting sleeping, in front of the basket is not there, may be the two little maidservants to take away. Ruan Wei walked for a while, and suddenly saw two little maidservants coming over there in the same costume instead of the two in the morning. The two little maidservant is not polite, walked to the male sheep, screaming: Wake up! Wake up! The time has come to be burned! The male sheep suddenly woke up with a start, gave a wry smile to Ruan Wei, and left with the maidservant. Ruan Wei was very surprised, thinking that Gong Shuyang obviously had peerless skills, how could he be so afraid of a few young maidservants. He couldn't think of a reason, so he went back to the top stone to practice yoga. After practicing for an hour, he always felt that practicing was in vain and useless. He was so upset that he wondered if the male sheep would come back! He had no intention of practicing any more. When he got there, he happened to meet Gong Shuyang. The male sheep went to the place where he sat in the morning and sat down, sweating and panting all over his body. The wrinkles, which were not easy to see, stood out, and his condition was very pitiful. Ruan Wei saw that he really could not bear it and wanted to go up and say a few words of condolence to him, but he did not know how to open his mouth, so he had to sit down with him in silence. It was not until noon that the male sheep returned to normal. Ruan Wei couldn't figure out what kind of burning he had suffered, which made him so embarrassed. After a while, the other two maidservants came, carrying baskets in front of the male sheep, and walked back talking and laughing. When the male sheep saw the basket, they were very happy and opened it one by one. One basket was white rice, and the other basket was four dishes of exquisite dishes. Gong Shuyang sighed,Marble Projects, "If you have wine to drink with such good food, wouldn't you be unhappy?" Ruan Wei thought that when he didn't buy it yesterday, he brought back two bottles of good wine. The deaf-mute tiger monk didn't drink it and it was still in the cave. He might as well give it to him to drink.

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