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Let's see if your Bagua palm is more powerful or my fist is more powerful! At this time, twenty or thirty people arrived one after another.

Qiao Pengfei walked down from upstairs surrounded by seven or eight people. He did not notice Zhang Yang sitting in the hall eating hot pot. The jeep was Qiao Pengfei's. Today he and several friends went to Xiangshan to play. On the way back, he saw Zhang Yang riding a bicycle with Chen Xue. Qiao Pengfei was nothing, but one of his companions was his junior fellow apprentice. He had witnessed the whole process of the conflict between Zhang Yang and Qiao Pengfei. Today, he was driving, so he deliberately squeezed Zhang Yang with a car. Of course, he didn't really want to hurt people. Just use this method to vent your anger. The Eight Diagrams Gate is near here. Qiao Pengfei made an appointment with a group of brothers to have dinner here, so he was met by Zhang Yang today. Zhang Yang is very low-key, and did not attract the attention of Qiao Pengfei those people, see Qiao Pengfei, Zhang Yang understood the cause and effect of the matter, engaged in a long time this Qiao Pengfei in malicious revenge, is really a narrow enemy road, this fellow with the car to squeeze their own time, I am afraid will not think of meeting so soon. Qiao Pengfei's group of people were all stupefied when they arrived at the front of the jeep. All four tires were flat, and the knife marks on the tires were very clear. Xiong Kailuan, who had just driven the jeep, saw the scene in front of him. He couldn't help but fly into a rage and scolded, "What did that bastard do?" Qiao Pengfei's heart is a surprise, his first thought is publicity, others will not prick their car tires for no reason, he looked around. Zhang Yang's lazy voice sounded in the back: "Qiao Pengfei,heavy duty cantilever racks, are you looking for me?" Qiao Pengfei turned around and cried out in his heart that something was wrong. Zhang Yang, wearing a black fur coat, stood quietly in the wind and snow. His handsome face seemed to be smiling. His deep eyes stared at Qiao Pengfei's face. The murderous look passed through the void and enveloped Qiao Pengfei's whole body. Although there was a distance of nearly 15 meters between them, Qiao Pengfei still felt a chill from the bottom of his heart. There were eight of them, including his brothers. And there is only one publicity. But Qiao Pengfei is clear about Zhang Yang's fighting capacity, a person who beat him in a mess, a person who can force back his three brothers, is not the eight of them can deal with. Apart from Qiao Pengfei, only Xiong Kailuan had seen Zhang Yang. Others did not know how powerful Zhang Yang was. Xiong Kailuan dared to say, "Did you prick the tire?" Zhang Yang smiled and said, "Who drove the car?" Xiong Kailuan gritted his teeth. In front of so many classmates, asrs warehouse ,push back racking system, he had to hold on. "What's wrong with the car I'm driving?" He shouted. Zhang Yang walked slowly into the snow-covered ground and said with a smile, "I'll give you a chance to kneel down in front of me and kowtow three times. I can let bygones be bygones for what happened just now!" These disciples of the Eight Diagrams Gate have an advantage in the martial arts school nearby. What's more, they feel that there are so many of them. When they hear that Zhang Yang is so arrogant, how can they hold back? One of them has already taken the lead in rushing up: "Grandpa!"! Who do you think you are? When Zhang Yang waited for the other side to wave his hand, his body ran out like a ghost, clasped the other side's pulse, and punched him in the lower abdomen. A disciple of the Eight Diagrams School followed closely and was kicked in the chest by Zhang Yang. The fellow was kicked more than ten feet high and fell heavily on the snow. As soon as the connoisseur made a move, he knew whether he had it or not. Zhang Yang knocked down two disciples of the Eight Diagrams School with one punch and one kick. Everyone knew the power of Zhang Yang. Qiao Pengfei did not make a move from beginning to end. No one knew the strength of publicity better than him. He knew that even if he made a move, the result must be self-humiliation. Xiong Kailuan was the instigator of the incident, but he did not dare to come forward and hid aside to make a phone call secretly. Zhang Yang had already come to his side. Xiong Kailuan punched Zhang Yang in the face. Zhang Yang grabbed his fist and pushed and pulled it. Xiong Kailuan's right arm dislocated immediately. Qiao Pengfei saw that the Younger Martial Brother had been made by Zhang Yang. If he didn't stand out again, he was afraid that the Younger Martial Brothers would look down upon him in the future. He was about to rush to Zhang Yang, but he heard Zhang Yang say coldly, "Face is my own. I'm angry. I don't say anything about face!" At this time, more than ten men in sportswear rushed into the mountain city hotpot city, for one person is Qiao Pengfei's three brothers Shi Yinghao, heard that the younger brothers in the mountain city hotpot and outsiders conflict, so the first time to come to help, when Shi Yinghao saw Zhang Yang standing there, his heart suddenly sank, he went to Jiangcheng challenge, if not Zhang Yang gave him some face, He was afraid that he would be defeated miserably. He only told his father about it. Unexpectedly, Zhang Yang came to Beijing so soon and had a conflict with them again. Zhang Yang smiled and said, "Good!"! Plan to win with more, good! My hands and feet are a little itchy today, play with you! Zhang Daguanren was really angry today. Xiong Kailuan deliberately squeezed them with a jeep on the mountain road. Not only did his bicycle crash, but even Chen Xue was injured. Zhang Yang pushed Xiong Kailuan aside and sneered, "Aren't you very particular about the rules of Jianghu?"? What's going on today? Come along! Let's see if your Bagua palm is more powerful or my fist is more powerful! At this time, twenty or thirty people arrived one after another. Chen Xue sat in front of the window and looked outside. Her bright eyes were still calm. She did not feel any worry because of Zhang Yang's situation. She had great confidence in Zhang Yang's strength. [Ten thousand words update for monthly tickets, recommended tickets!] [db:wangzhi] Chapter 245 [serial rear-end incidents]. Www. XiAoshuotxT. COM Chapter 245 [Serial Collision] (10,000 words) Shi Yinghao said in a low voice, What are you doing? Step aside, all of you! 。 If there were so many people besieging Zhang Yang today, he would definitely be laughed at by the martial arts people in the capital. Shi Yinghao hugged Zhang Yang and said, "Mr. Zhang, we didn't finish the fight last time. I'll ask for some advice!" Zhang Yang said with a smile,pallet rack shelving, "Master Shi really has perseverance. Unfortunately, I'm not interested in playing with you one by one. It's going to be dark soon. You'd better go together. I'm in a hurry!" Zhang Yang's words are arrogant to the extreme. Shi Yinghao flew into a rage. This fellow was too big. With a roar, he rushed to Zhang Yang and clapped his hands.

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