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Yoga Top Sexy Back Bra Printed Shoulder Strap Sexy Back Bra Printed Shoulder Strap锛欳amouflage, thin shoulder straps, summer sports Printed bare cloth:This material is soft and waxy,Fine texture and strong comfort,Nude printing,Thin shoulder bra,Double sling design,Low cut square collar What is nylon printing process? Nylon is a kind of polyamide fiber. Their molecular ends are - NH 2 and - COOH, respectively. It can be dyed or printed with weak acid dyes, neutral dyes, direct dyes, release dyes, reactive dyes and vat dyes. When nylon is dyed with direct dyes, the brightness is low and the fastness to wet treatment is poor, so it is generally not used. When dyeing with reactive dyes, nylon can only be used for light colors, because it has fewer reactive groups and lower color yield. Disperse dyes have weak binding force with nylon and poor fastness to wet treatment, so they can only be used in light colors. Weak acid dyes and neutral dyes are usually used to dye nylon into medium and dark colors. Weak acid dyes and neutral dyes are usually used for nylon fabric printing, and some choose direct dyes or cationic dyes. Weak acid dyes have bright colors, high fastness to wet treatment, wide chromatographic range and convenient use. Neutral dyes are used for medium and dark color printing because of their excellent sunlight resistance, but their levelness is poor. Therefore, in color matching, varieties with similar affinity and diffusivity should be selected. Nylon contains a large number of amino and carboxyl groups, which are cations in acidic media. Due to the Coulomb gravity, anionic dyes adsorb and bind with nylon under high temperature steam.Yoga Top website:

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