The imperial concubine wants to be immortal

"Yi'er girl.." Chu Qiu's voice with guilt sounded behind me. However, this did not affect the pace

"Yi'er girl.." Chu Qiu's voice with guilt sounded behind me. However, this did not affect the pace of my departure. Every step I take is so heavy. I suddenly want to ask, now in the end is Huangfu Yifeng betrayal! Or I have nothing! Perhaps, all that does not belong to me. It's how important I think I am. When I came, I wanted to chase the carriage, so I didn't pay attention to whether I was tired or not. However, on the way back, I was left to walk back alone, and I realized that my legs were about to break, and I even wanted to crawl back. It took me two hours to stop and go, and then I dragged myself back to the Red Clothes Workshop. Elder sister. You come back "Xiao Hong, you're back." Redjade and Hongno, who were sitting in the courtyard, ran eagerly up to me and said in unison. "I nodded feebly and leaned against Redjade, not wanting to move." Sister, what's the matter with you? Redjade struggled to support me and asked eagerly. Don't worry. I'm just too tired. Give me a moment. I rubbed and rubbed against Redjade's shoulder shamelessly. However, such an atmosphere should be very warm, why do I feel a little cold all over! It was as if a cold current was shooting straight at me. Just as I was thinking about what was going on, I heard a loud shout from not far away: "Where have you been?" I was so frightened that I bounced up from the shoulder of Carbuncle and stood in the same place before I reacted. Night Charm, what's wrong with you? Why are you yelling at me so loudly? I'm not satisfied. Roared a little feebly. He stepped in front of me, looked down at my face, and said angrily, "What's wrong with me?". Or are you a woman who is too restless all the time? "Why are you so funny?" I turned my face away from him. What? Is what I said funny? What's so funny? The night charm stared at my face angrily. Although I couldn't see his terrible sight, I could feel that my face was about to be stared through by him. "Ah.." I sighed heavily in my heart. Tidy up your emotions. I don't want to fight with the night charm any more. Night charm, I am not a child. I'm an adult. Don't you think you're a little too much in charge now? I'm not your man. And you have so many important things to do, there is no need to waste your energy on me. I tried to keep my voice soft and persuasive. But. I forgot that no matter how soft the voice is, rejection is rejection. And refusing his kindness and concern is doomed to hurt him. Yeah, how could I forget? You're not my person either. Why should I be foolish enough to waste manpower looking for someone who doesn't need my care at all? The night charm said with a self-deprecating smile, no longer looking at me, then turned and left the Red Clothes Workshop. Sister, I think the night childe is also very good to you, why do you always say to hurt him? Said Redjade, supporting me as she walked toward the backyard. Redjade, stainless steel tube 304 ,cold drawn tubes, don't you think you're changing too fast? I used to call him the big devil of the night, but now I feel sorry for him. I was already weak, but I did not forget to reply to Redjade. "Sister, Redjade hasn't been called that for a long time. Ever since she moved to the Red Clothes Workshop, Redjade has been calling him the Night Childe." Redjade looked wronged by me. Yes, you haven't heard it for a long time, and you mutinied because they gave you some sweetness. Now it's even more excessive to say that I hurt him. As I spoke, I looked at Redjade's face and saw that her face had completely collapsed. I made persistent efforts and said, "Would you like me to send you to the Xiangyue Building to work for the Night Charm?" As soon as Redjade heard me say this, she immediately explained in a panic, "Sister, you must not send Redjade away. Redjade only saw that the night childe was so worried about his sister today that Redjade would sympathize with him." "Sympathy?" I looked at Redjade with a smile. Do not know this little girl is how to think, like the night charm so high above the people also need her sympathy? Yes, sister. "Redjade looked at my face carefully and saw that there was nothing unusual about me. Then she went on to say," More than two hours ago, Mr. Ye rushed into the Red Clothes Workshop like a gust of wind and asked if our sister had come back. When he heard us say no, his whole face fell. "Oh, I guess I was angry." When I finished, I pushed open the door of my room and went straight to my short house happily. I lay on it and refused to move any more. After Redjade sat down on the low edge, she said angrily, "Angry?"? Sister, what do you think. Although the performance is not very obvious. However, I can still feel that she seems to be a little dissatisfied with me. Isn't it? I curled my lips and said disapprovingly. When I came back, he looked so fierce, I knew that this guy was very angry, but also very angry! "Of course not, when the night childe knew you hadn't come back, his expression was like the sky was falling down." Redjade hastened to explain again dutifully. I don't know how much benefit the night charm has given to the little girl. Or is she simply overflowing with compassion. Dear friends, if you can't add Xiaoxue group before, you can add it now. Some time ago, I couldn't add it because Xiaoxue made a mistake and set the group so that no one was allowed to join. Later, I read and reacted, and I realized what a funny thing I had done. I apologize to you here.) To be continued, if you want to know what happened, please log in., more chapters, support for,Precision Welded pipes, support for Netizens upload chapter 126 ambiguous. I looked at the roof and considered Redjade's words. - However, the results of thinking and not thinking seem to be the same. That is, his care is a heavy burden for me. And I still can't love him.