Summon a thousand troops

Raynor doesn't care if the Scorpions are hostile or not. As the bottom creature on the list of contract creatures, even if they block the mountain stream, Raynor doesn't think anyone under his command will have any special reaction.

Raynor doesn't care if the Scorpions are hostile or not. As the bottom creature on the list of contract creatures, even if they block the mountain stream, Raynor doesn't think anyone under his command will have any special reaction. Only one of them can kill all the scorpions who don't know whether they are alive or dead. Renault is always confident. My master. An elf man beside Renault said to Renault. Those scorpions are always following us. It seems that it should be the Cainn contract creature. Rumor has it that he signed a Scorpion King, who led a nest of Sark Scorpions to join him. The elf's keen vision had seen the tiny rune on the scorpion's head. Remember, we don't know that. So, shoot it. Renault said lightly. He knew that his every move was under Wang Wei's gaze, so he needed to give Wang Wei a blow. Without saying a word more, the elves raised their hands to use the elves' signature archery skill, the tracking arrow. At the moment when the arrow flew to the scorpion, the male elf had put his elf long bow back behind him. The arrow was fast, but there were faster than him. At the moment when the arrow flew into the air, several scorpions with red crystal tails suddenly appeared on the surrounding cliffs. In an instant, the six scorching rays blew up the arrows in midair into a pile of pieces,turmeric extract powder, which were blown away by the cold wind of the mountain stream. Then several scorpions calmly closed the carapace around the crystal and crawled away. Renaud's eyes widened, and then he smiled. Sure enough, he also hid a hand, he did not know how to raise the rank of Scorpions, so that they evolved a scorching ray,rosmarinic acid supplement, but even so, they are only Sark Scorpions. Renault said indifferently. But he did not know, in fact, the scorpions did not use that kind of powerful flame ray, the powerful Balrog only let Wang Wei rise three ranks, the biggest reason is that Wang Wei's contract creatures are too many, resulting in the power of the elements were divided equally. Because of this, the power of the Flame Ray is immeasurable, and this continuous ray skill will consume the Scorpion's mana. But also because the power is too great, so usually they are not allowed to use this kind of magic, gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract ,tannic acid astringent, but only use their natural evolution of the scorching ray. It's a soul shooter. Bella looked at the elf's attack and made a judgment. All the people in the hexagonal castle sat in the square in the center of the building and watched the projection from the front. It's a new ability brought by Scorpion's upgrade, which can use its own crystal to make a projection of the scene seen by Scorpion, a distant scout soldier. And in his team, there are sixty elf archers who are not much worse than him. Look at those barbarians who are more than three meters tall. They are natural strongmen who live in the barren land. They are cruel and cold-blooded, but very loyal. They use two weapons, usually giant swords, or giant axes, and their strength can almost exceed seven hundred kilograms at the limit! As soon as Bella finished, she saw Wang Wei rolling his eyes. She immediately remembered that there were one hundred and thirty delicate girls whose arm strength was measured by tons. God, this guy is really good. Look at those twenty big men under their cloaks. I bet they're Gauls. Under their cloaks must be heavy armor and tower shields, the kind of iron heads that arm themselves into cans. Luna, covered with mercury, sat beside Wang Wei, holding one hand on Wang Wei's arm and looking carefully at the projection of the scorpion. When she got up in the morning, Luna's new dress had no reaction except for a little surprise to Ellie, not to mention that it was just a mithril tights. The girls in the first echelon of the dream were covered with star iron, and no one was surprised? "It seems that this guy is going all out, but I don't know whether he's really here to suppress bandits or to show off." Wang Wei curled his lips and stood up from the ground. Cheer up, girls! Wang Wei shouted at the top of his voice, and the girls who had been sitting there loosely in small groups immediately stood up. "This little white face is about to arrive, ready to line up with me to meet.". Give me all your momentum, and, most importantly, don't like that gigolo! Wang Wei's last words made the girls who were preparing to take up their momentum laugh with a bang. Don't worry, master, we only like you! A girl shouted, and all the girls around her were in a mess. Wang Wei's old face was so thick that he couldn't help blushing and smoking. Stop it! Line up! Luna's jealous jar was kicked over in an instant and scolded, and the whole audience was suddenly silent. Lord Chelsea-Renault has imagined countless times what the territory of Cain would look like, the territory of a nest of scorpions and two girls. He even imagined that Wang Wei had built a series of heavy weapons on his territory and recruited countless warriors. Because it was so close to Lingnan County, it was hard to imagine that the Grand Duke of Lingnan would not send some veteran soldiers for his daughter. But when their team left the mountain pass and saw the greeting team, the heavy burden was put down in an instant. Hello,jujube seed powder, Baron Renaud. It's been a long journey. The only man in the group came up to him and said. Renaud dismounted, and all the horsemen behind him dismounted. Good day, Baron Caine. It is a great honor to be able to join hands with you to wipe out those thieves who endanger all sides. 。

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