Dragon in the wilderness

Yan Si smiled, and old man Jin shouted, "Miss!"! Master Yan and Lord Xie of the prefect's

Yan Si smiled, and old man Jin shouted, "Miss!"! Master Yan and Lord Xie of the prefect's office have come to see you! A woman's voice came from upstairs and said, "Please have tea in the hall. I'll be right down." The voice was so delicate that it seemed to come from the mouth of a young girl. Hsieh Wen-lung was stunned and asked Old Jin in a low voice, "How old is Master Guan?" Old Jin said, "Although the master of the house is more than fifty years old, he still looks very young because he doesn't work very often. Especially his voice has not changed from thirty years ago." Yan Si hurriedly said, "The master of internal kungfu can protect the face and prolong life. What's all the fuss about?" Xie Wenlong was said to blush again, Jin Laoer smiled and did not speak. Yan Siyi folded his fists and said, "Are you Nvxia Ling, madam?" "I dare not," said the woman in return! Ling Hanmei, the widow! She did not have an intimidating bearing, which made Yan Si hand over his face and say, "Your ladyship is really skillful, and she still looks beautiful." Ling Hanmei sighed softly and said, "Daxia laughed!" "The old man is telling the truth," said Yan Si hurriedly. Ling Hanmei sighed with infinite emotion: "If my concubine can have the jade appearance Zhu Rong as the ambassador said, my late husband will not abandon me!" Yan Sizheng was stunned and said,stainless steel tube fitting, "I don't know if you are.." Ling Hanmei closed her eyes gently and said, "My late husband Luo Shangchun." Yan Si and Xie Wenlong were both shocked, but Ling Hanmei sighed leisurely: "Actually, we only have an engagement, and we haven't officially become a couple yet. Thirty-five years ago, for a little misunderstanding, he abandoned me. For many years,ball valve manufacturer, I have been hoping that he would change his mind, but I waited for his death!" Yan Sina said, "I personally delivered Brother Luo's death thirty years ago, but I didn't know him.." Ling Hanmei asked hurriedly, "Is Master Man sure that he is my late husband?" "You can't be wrong," said Yan Si. "The old man had seen him a few times and asked him. He couldn't deny it before he admitted it." "So he's really dead," said Ling Hanmei with tears in her eyes. "That little brute is hiding it from me." Old Jin's expression moved, and Yan Si noticed it. "Who are you talking about, madam?" He asked. Ling Hanmei shook her head and said, "It's nothing. An irrelevant person. Did Luo Shangchun say anything to Daxia when he died?" "No," said Yan Si. "He was very poor when he died. He was poor and sick. The old man thought he shouldn't be like that. But when the old man asked him, he just shook his head and didn't answer." Ling Hanmei did not believe it. "Did he explain why he gave up martial arts and did not need military service?" "No," said Yan Si, "but he said something that might be an explanation." "What are you talking about?" Asked Ling Ta-mei. "He said he deeply regretted learning martial arts in this life, 38 needle valve ,stainless steel hydraulic fitting," said Yan Si. "Is that the only sentence?" Ling Hanmei asked with a shock. Yan Si nodded and said, "Yes!"! The old man thought that he must have been deeply stimulated to be so frustrated with the world, otherwise a vigorous man would never be as poor as that! Reading Hanmei shed tears and said to herself, "He didn't forgive me until he died. This misunderstanding can never be explained clearly!" "Miss," said Old King! Anyway, it's enough for you to have a clear conscience. It's him who wants to get into a dead end. ” Ling Hanmei stared and snapped, "How can you interrupt?" Old Jin hurriedly lowered his head and stood aside. Yan Si asked, "What's the misunderstanding between Madam and Brother Luo?" "This is our private affair," said Ling Hanmei coldly. "Please don't ask, Master Yan. I have nothing to say." Yan Si hit a snag, but still refused to give up and said, "The old man is not here to investigate his wife's private affairs." Ling Hanmei said with a smile, "No one knows my whereabouts. It must be Xu Guangliang's talkative mouth. Master Yan has the virtue of burying his bones to my late husband. For the sake of Master Yan, we won't pursue him any more." Yan Si didn't expect to solve Xu Guangliang's problem so easily, but the problem to be solved today is more than that, so he said with a smile: "In fact, it was an unnecessary misunderstanding between Xu Guangliang and his wife. It was just that he had a lot of things to do on behalf of Ding Zhaomin.." Ling Hanmei's expression sank and she said, "That's right, so I don't blame him. Xu Guangliang can forgive, but Ding Zhaomin can't forgive. He is the culprit of the misunderstanding between my concubine and my late husband. If Master Yan wants to intercede for Ding Zhaomin, my concubine can't obey!" Yan Si's eyes moved and he said, "The old man has no intention of interceding for Ding Zhaomin, but he has a lot of things to ask him." "Why don't you ask him, Master Yan?" Asked Ling Hanmei. Yan Si said with a sneer, "Ding Zhaomin arrived in the capital at the same time as the old man two days ago, but he lost his figure immediately and was never found." "What does that have to do with me?" Asked Ling Hanmei. "Ding Zhaomin must have been here," said Yan Si. Ling Hanmei shook her head and said, "No, he didn't have the courage to come here." "He was the only one who knew about Luo Shangchun's death," said Yan Si. "If he hadn't been here before, how could madam know?" Ling Hanmei said with a sneer, "Master Yan is speaking insincerely. Master Yan told Xu Guangliang about Luo Shangchun's death in the prefect's office. Xu Guangliang told many people after he returned to the Escort Agency. That's why I got the news." Yan Si was gagged again, but he forgot to ask Xu Guangliang whether he had really told others. At the moment, he could not judge whether what the other party said was true or not. Moreover, he had a well-thought-out plan and did not want to explore this issue. So he changed the topic and pointed to Wenlong and said, "This is my nephew Xie Wenlong, after my old friend Xie Wanli!" Ling Hanmei said with a smile, "Lord Xie is famous all over the world. My concubine has been famous for a long time. There is such a famous descendant of the fighters chasing the wind. He should smile in the grave." With a red face, Xie Wenlong arched his hand and said, "Madam, since you know the industry of late birth, of course you also know that late birth is encountering a difficult case." Ling Hanmei said with a smile, "As Lao Jin said just now,pipe fittings manufacturer, Lord Xie is here to catch a cat burglar. Although I know a little about fighting, I dare not do evil. Lord Xie is looking for the wrong place." Yan Si said with a smile, "The cat burglar is good at going against the acupoint. Ronnie is the only one who knows about this technique. Since Madam is Brother Luo.." 。 chinaroke.com

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