After a while, Liu Houren changed his clothes and came down from upstairs, dried his hair, combed his hair on the back of Zhou Run's hairstyle, and waxed his hair.

After a while, Liu Houren changed his clothes and came down from upstairs, dried his hair, combed his hair on the back of Zhou Run's hairstyle, and waxed his hair. He was wearing a new fendi jacket full of logos, smiling and looking very happy. Thank you for waiting! Liu Houren's voice is like a loud bell. "Rumors and Youyou, right?"? Do I remember your names correctly? Ji Yougan laughed twice: "." Mr. Liu has a good memory. But why call him Youyou?! Liu Houren sat opposite them, and the servant soon brought him a bowl of mutton soup. "How long will you stay in Nancheng?" Asked Liu Houren kindly. Ji You replied politely, "We will leave the day after tomorrow." Liu Houren: "Back to Jiangcheng?" Ji You nodded his head. Liu Houren: Then I will arrange it. Lin butler, apply for a route and send Youyou and Yaoyao back to Nancheng the day after tomorrow. Housekeeper Lin took out his notebook and wrote down, "OK, sir, is it the Gulfstream G650 that you bought newly?" Liu Houren: "Yes, that's it!" Ji Yao and Ji You gasped at the same time. Mr. Liu, we've already booked our tickets. There's really no need to bother. Ji You refused to answer with a smile. Liu Houren: No trouble! No trouble! I changed the G650 just to take Jane. Your mother went on vacation. She never, never had time. You're just here. Have a try. It's too crowded to take the civil aviation. When it comes to Du Zhen, a particularly innocent smile will appear on Liu Houren's experienced and mature face. Ji Yao was a little curious and asked, "Mr. Liu, how did you meet my mother?" Hearing this question,ibc spill containment pallet, Liu Houren's eyes were shining, and he immediately came to the spirit: "Ah, this matter has to start from half a year ago-Jane was looking for a logistics company to cooperate half a year ago, I just came to Nancheng on a business trip, friends introduced us to know.." Oh, no! Cooperate! Cooperate. Jane was especially beautiful that day, wearing a long black dress,plastic pallet suppliers, pearl earrings and a necklace, which made me fall for it at a glance! We ate Cantonese food that day, and Jane especially liked boiled chicken and shrimp dumplings. Lin butler reminds in a low voice aside: "Still have sweet soup, still pinned the diamond brooch of Chanel on the dress." Liu Houren pounded the table: "Right, right, right!"! Jane also likes sweet soup, and there's a Chanel brooch on it! Ji Yao shed a drop of cold sweat, and it seemed that Lin's housekeeper had heard the story many times. I'm so familiar with it that I remember all the details. It's not easy to be a housekeeper now. Liu Houren gushed, carefully recalling how he fell in love with Du Zhen at first sight and how his family moved to Nancheng. Ji Yao and Ji You looked at each other and exchanged a look of "I shouldn't have asked about this". Finally, after Liu Houren's 37th sentence "Ah Zhen", the story ended. Ji Yao was relieved. As a result, Liu Houren pounded the table and said, "By the way, collapsible pallet box ,plastic pallet crates, do you know that Jane specially raised a Fa Dou for me? She also said that the next time I went to find her, she would let the dog bite me.". Jane is so cute. Apart from screaming, Fa Dou doesn't bite people. That row of small teeth, my skin is rough and my flesh is thick. If it bites me, it may have a toothache. I know Jane must like me, but she is embarrassed to say that she likes me directly. You mustn't tell Jane. I know all about it. Jane wants to refuse and welcome it on purpose. Season Ballad:.. Season tour:.. However, hearing that Du Zhen had raised another Fa Dou, Ji Yao's heart still palpitated. When she was a child, the only birthday gift Du Zhen bought for her was a small Fa Dou. At that time, Du Zhen was busy with her business, and she was clamoring to raise it. Originally did not think she would agree, Du Zhen has always said that he does not like dogs. Can still be in the season ballad birthday when she brought back, but also said that someone else sent, raised two days lost. As a result, Du Zhen did not throw the dog out, but when Ji Yao raised it for less than half a year, the nanny did not notice when she opened the door, and the dog ran away. Ji Yao was sad for a long time. Later, Ji Yao went to Jiangcheng and raised one in Ji's house. Duan Ruyuefei said that she didn't like dogs, and forced Ji Yao to send them away. Although Liu Houren talked about Du Zhen, he was polite to the two brothers and sisters from the bottom of his heart. Apart from "Ah Zhen" all the time, Ji Yao has a good impression of him. The three of them chatted happily for half an hour. Ji You looked at the time and said, "Uncle Liu, it's getting late. My sister and I have to leave first." Liu Houren looked at the Rolex on his wrist and said, "Isn't it still early?"? Save it for dinner and stay at my house at night. I've been living alone in this house. It's quite empty. Ji Yao: "Do you live alone?" She glanced at the long line of servants behind her. Liu Houren: "Yes, they all live in the building next door. I bought all the houses in this row except the one of Jane. Do you like uncle to give you two?" Ji Yao waved his hand again and again: "No, thank you, uncle." Who dares to accept the house as soon as we meet. When Liu Houren saw that they were determined to leave, it was not good for them to stay. He sent the brother and sister to the door, took a business card and handed it to Jiyou. Ji You politely exchanged business cards with him. When they got on the bus, Liu Houren, like an old father, could not stop them from getting on the bus. He kept saying outside the window, "If you have something to do with your uncle, call him. Remember to help me say good words in front of Jane." What Ji Yao and Ji You said most today is "Thank you, Mr. Liu" and "No, Mr. Liu". Until the rearview mirror can no longer see Liu Houren standing on the roadside, waving goodbye figure, Ji Yao was relieved. It's too polite. It's too polite to resist. My God.. It was expected that I didn't get my mother today, but I didn't expect. Ji Yao did not say the second half of the sentence, Ji You also understood a general. Holding the steering wheel, Ji You said without squinting, "I have heard of Mr. Liu." Ji Yao was a little curious and asked,plastic pallet containers, "Brother, tell me about it." Ji You: Mr. Liu started from scratch. In the 1990s, he did small trade in the coastal areas. He caught up with the good times and had a business mind. His international logistics company is one of the best in the mainland and even in Hong Kong and Macao. 。 binpallet.com

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