Only sound can heal.

Zhong Yu hugged Tingting, who was somewhat unwilling to let go of his hand and watched him turn around and walk towards the gate.

Zhong Yu hugged Tingting, who was somewhat unwilling to let go of his hand and watched him turn around and walk towards the gate. Fu Yan has never lost a fight since he was a child, and Tingting is still worried about following him. As soon as Zhong Yu opened the door, Fu Yan rushed up and glanced at Zhong Yu. There were obvious traces of kissing on his lips. The most uncomfortable thing was that his clothes were messy, especially the collar of his T-shirt, which had just been pinched by his hand. Then glanced at Tingting behind him, although the clothes are all there, but very untidy, very much like just lying in bed. Such an observation, coupled with a little association. Fu Yan punched Zhong Yu in the face. "Oh, if I don't come over, what do you really want to do to her?" Fu Yan Jin is already big, not to mention now angry, naturally did not leave much hand to Zhong Yu, Zhong Yu eat pain, stretched out to cover his cheek and gasped. Ting Ting hurriedly blocked in front of Zhong Yu, "third brother!"! What are you doing? Fu Yan pulled Tingting away, "you go aside!" Tingting was afraid that he would hit Zhong Yu again, so he rushed over and hugged Zhong Yu, only facing him from the back. Fu Yan, I'll tell Grandpa if you do that again! Fu Yan cold hum, no matter how to bully her when she was a child,Flush Retrofit Kit, she never told adults, now actually for an outsider to blackmail him, but also really against! "Fu Tingting, I'm doing this for your own good. How old are you?" Tingting shouted, "I'm twenty-three!"! Not only meet the legal age of marriage, but also exceed it! "Fu Tingting!" Fu Yan was really angry and called her by name. Fu Yan, you don't have to worry about my business! "You've got the nerve, haven't you?" Fu Yan raised his hand,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, but Fu Tingting was holding the man tightly in front of him. Under the lamplight, he finally saw clearly that he was quite good looking and quite white. He was much taller than Tingting, and his figure was also good. Generally speaking, he was a little worse than him. Zhong Yu looked at the quarreling brother and sister, looked down at Tingting in her arms, knowing that she was worried about herself, but he couldn't hide in her arms all his life. "Third Brother, let's talk." "Did you call the third brother?" Fu Yan stared at him, a small white face, really dare to shout out! Tingting turned his head sideways and glared at Fu Yan. "What's wrong?" "Fu Tingting!" "Don't call me!" Tingting put her head in Zhong Yu's arms and did not look at him. Fu Yan looked, and sure enough, his face was even heavier. Zhong Yu laughed and patted Tingting on the back. "It's all right." Looking up at Fu Yan, "Officer Fu, shall we talk?" "What are you talking about?" "Fu Yan!" Tingting couldn't help calling him again. Fu Yan stared at Zhong Yu with a black face. Zhong Yu patted Tingting on the back. "Don't do this. Let your third brother see a joke." "But he's going to hit you." The punch was really heavy, and Zhong Yu's face really hurt, stainless steel toilet ,Service Sink Faucets, but since it was Tingting's third brother, he couldn't fight back, so he could only endure it. I won't do it! Fu Yan said coldly, staring at Tingting in Zhong Yu's arms, which was so intimate under his eyes, how could he get it in the future! "You keep your word!" Tingting still didn't let go of Zhong Yu. She had suffered too much from Fu Yan since she was a child. Of course, she was more alert. Fu Tingting, when did I break my word? Fu Yan was just driven crazy by Tingting. He walked over and pulled Tingting out of Zhong Yu's arms. Tingting was stunned and hugged his right hand with his backhand. It was the first time he had seen her so agile! Teach her anti-wolf skills have been taught for almost a year, there is no obvious progress, now it is good to take what he taught to deal with! "Third Brother, he really didn't do anything to me!" Tingting stressed again and again. Fu Yan "hummed", "that's me coming!" "Even if you hadn't come, he wouldn't have done anything to me!" "You trust him that much?" "Yes!" Tingting said without thinking. Zhong Yu listens, the corner of the mouth radian obviously had the slight change, waited for Fu Yan to look at him, immediately converged the expression. "How can Officer Fu rest assured?" Fu Yan especially wants to say, how I do not rest assured! But then look at Tingting like that, it seems that no matter whether he is at ease or not, she trusts this gigolo. The Fu family has only one girl in his generation, Tingting, and Tingting is the youngest. In addition, Tingting's father died early. Fu Yan has always cherished this little sister. But this little sister, who didn't seem to have anything out of the ordinary, actually slept in a man's house at night! Fu Yan endured the anger in his heart, looked at Tingting holding his arm, took a deep breath, endure, he endured! "I won't hit him." Fu Yan finally said this sentence, look at Tingting completely did not let go of his arm, "I said I will not hit him, you do not let go, later." "I mean what I say, or I'll really tell Grandpa!" Tingting gave him a hard look. Fu Yan continued to hold back his anger and his eyes fell on Zhong Yu's face, "Zhong Yu, right?" Zhong Yu nodded his head. Fall in love with Tingting? Zhong Yu nodded again. What do you see in her? “……” Tingting couldn't help it. "Third brother, what on earth do you want to do?" "Protect you!" "I don't need it, and Zhong Yu won't do anything to me. Where should you go?" Fu Yan glanced at her and then at Zhong Yu. "Say, what do you see in her?" "I like everything." This is Fu Yan's turn to be speechless, in terms of his aesthetic, Fu Tingting in addition to the face is acceptable, it seems. Zhong Yu said lightly, "Officer Fu, don't worry. I will never do anything to hurt her before marriage." Fu Yan knows in his heart whether a man is credible or not. Wait, before marriage? Sure enough, Fu Yan's eyes on Zhong Yu changed. Tingting doesn't care what Fu Yan thinks in his heart, "he said so, you can go!" "No!" Fu Yan pulled Tingting, "are you sure you want to stay here and not go home with me?" "Yes!" Tingting said with certainty. Ok Fu Yan looked up at Zhong Yu. "Then I'll stay here,Flush valve price, too." Tingting was stunned and looked at him sideways. Fu Yan's face was livid, and in his long and narrow eyes, there was a clear and firm look.

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