Scoundrel Princess

The pursuer did not pursue him with all his might. This is not a chase, the hunter does not want to catch up with

"Mmm." He answered, holding my arm a little tighter. I feel funny, but also feel inexplicable reassurance, but also close to him, even if he does not want to tell me the truth, I do not want to ask again. Because I was so happy, I ignored the complicated look in his eyes. Now they are not like running for their lives at all, but more like a pair of lovers wandering in the street, which makes pedestrians look askance. Obviously, there was no such open atmosphere in ancient times, but I can't care much about it. From Jinling to Hanshu and then to Bianliang, both of them have taken so many detours. Now we just want to cherish every minute and second together. Where are we going now? "Meet them with Ruozhu and Lu Lian." He led me through the alleys, and it seemed that he had a clear idea of the terrain of Bianliang these days. He walked to a grey wall and groped for it inch by inch. It seemed to me that it was only an inconspicuous wall, and there was no trace of carving on it, and I didn't know what he could feel. They have left, and now they should be ten miles away in the southern suburbs. Seeing my blinking face almost sticking to the wall, he touched my head, "This is written by Ruozhu with a special liquid,small gold wash plant, colorless and tasteless, but when you touch it, you will feel different." It was so advanced that I felt it like a country bumpkin. Sure enough, I felt a faint depression, which seemed to be words together. Fortunately, he could think of it. If he didn't touch it carefully, he couldn't touch it at all. "Then let's go now?" "Although Zhao Dezhao's men won't come after him,sodium cyanide price, some of the guards just now were from the big house. I'm afraid they already thought we were out of the city and chased us out.." I immediately said, "So let's stay in Bianliang first, because the most dangerous place is also the safest place. They can't imagine that we haven't left yet.". Then when they're far away, we'll go out of the city and meet Ruozhu! After a pause, "but where are we staying these two days?" "Someone should be happy to entertain us." He said slowly, with a dangerous flash in his eyes. Why did I suddenly feel a cold wind blowing from my back when I heard this sentence. It was not until we stopped under the big sign of "Spring Manlou" that I knew why the cold wind was blowing gently. The author has something to say: sit in a row and prepare to eat meat in the next chapter. Recently, I am in a good mood. Maybe I will have a convulsion carelessly when I write. Please forgive me. Hehe, hehehe, hehehehe.. Chapter 58 so-called adultery. In order to cover up, especially the eyes and ears of Zhao Dezhao's men, I dressed up as men's clothes again, and wore the most coarse clothes. My fat jacket made me look like a straight piece of wood. I wanted my chest without my chest and my buttocks without my buttocks. This time, I couldn't see that my figure was a woman without the thick cloth wrapped around my chest. Look at the person next to you, magnetic separator machine ,tin beneficiation plant, it's really enviable. Why does the same clothes fit him? In my opinion, the fat clothes on his body are just right to outline his strong body. Under the sleeves rolled up are bronzed strong forearms. Although they are also coarse cloth clothes, they add a little desolation, vicissitudes and loneliness to him, coupled with the melancholy temperament between his eyebrows.. A handsome man with a cold expression, a resolute character, a melancholy temperament and a fierce style after suffering is fresh out of the cage! Then my color heart rises greatly, staring straight at a direction to look, look straight at that piece of cold and stern face finally a little uncomfortable not to open. Did I underestimate myself? In fact, I have a little charm in this rag? Can you make someone look away sheepishly? Just when I was complacent- "Yuer." "Hm?" "I'm wearing my clothes backwards." “……” When I ran into the toilet to change my clothes and came out again, I was embarrassed. But Meng Yifeng's eyes flashed a narrow smile, will not be my eyes, this ice will also make fun of people? But before I could see it clearly, he had already pulled me away. So there was a very strange scene in the streets of Bianliang. Two men, one tall and one short, held hands. One was handsome and the other was barely a small white face. The tall man often fended off the crowd for the "small white face", and the "small white face" always rubbed into the tall man's arms intentionally or unintentionally, intending to eat his tofu. This strange scene lasted until the plaque of Chunmanlou. Looking for Mr. Mu. Meng Yifeng quietly to the door of humanity. The woman at the door was stupefied, looked at Meng Yifeng, and then looked at me, then recognized me, while calling Qin Childe for a long time while welcoming us in, laughing also kept sweeping Meng Yifeng face, not waiting for me to throw the mothball in the past, the people beside me have frowned. The powerful aura immediately spread out, and the woman who saw us smiled stiffly and retreated to greet the others. Let's find another place. When he was in Hanshu, he occasionally went to the brothel and was grounded by him, but this time he offered to come here, which can't be said to be weird. Especially when he mentioned Yelv Muyun, needless to say, he must have known that I had settled down with Yelv Muyun and Yue Youtian in Chunmanlou. I didn't even dare to raise my head as if I had been caught in adultery. It happened that there were many familiar people passing by, who greeted me with a charming smile and threw at me one by one, "Qin Childe, you are really more and more discerning, the men you brought back are more and more outstanding, little sister, I am really willing to bow to the wind" or "Do good men like men now? This world is really too terrible, it seems that I am reincarnated in the afterlife to be a fresh gigolo. "Or" Look at this Qin Childe so thin, how can he stand the double offensive of the cold-faced Childe and Mu Childe? It is estimated that we sisters will not be able to come out again in one night. "Small eyes, or excited or resentful or expectant, pass me by." Didn't you used to love coming to these places? Why could he say such a thing in such a calm tone? I choked, and after a while I murmured,Carbon in Pulp, "It's not like, it's curiosity, curiosity.." So curiosity killed the cat. But you didn't let me go in and out of these places before. 。

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