Antique Bureau 3: Treasure Snatching List

The pursuer did not pursue him with all his might. This is not a chase, the hunter does not want to catch up with

Wang Shaoyi said with a smile, "The little girl's cry of surprise is the true feeling. Yes, she has made progress." If it is a city God temple in a big town, there will be dozens of ghosts in the underworld to warn the world not to do evil. But the city of peace is a small place, and there are only about seven or eight clay sculptures in the underworld. Xu Yicheng looked around and found that there were not all ghosts here. There was a square table in the middle of the underworld room, and there were already two people sitting at the table, one fat and one thin, both wearing Mandarin jackets. They looked at Xu Yicheng, did not say a word, the eyes are quite bad, but also with a few traces of panic. Wang Shaoyi asked Xu Yicheng to sit down on one side of the table. Hai Lanzhu loosened his arm and stood beside him with his eyes drooping, not daring to look left or right at all. The two men looked at their noses and hearts, pretending that nothing had happened, and did not say hello. The shopkeeper stood respectfully behind with a white lantern. Wang Shaoyi himself pulled a bench and sat down with a golden knife. His head was just aimed at the cellar door. He looked around and pointed upward. "Once the gate of hell is closed, we will enter the underworld, and Yin and Yang will be isolated.". Here the sky does not know, the earth does not care, and the world does not matter. If you have anything to say, you don't have to hide it any more. As soon as he said this, everyone felt the wind blowing and shrank their necks subconsciously, as if they were really in the underworld. There was only one cellar mouth in the whole basement, which was firmly closed by Wang Shaoyi. He can do whatever he wants. Heaven doesn't know, earth doesn't care, and it doesn't work for anyone. All of you here are fish on the chopping block, ready to be slaughtered. The shopkeeper stood behind Wang Shaoyi with a lamp. He could not see his face clearly. He could only see a shadow, like a judge. Xu Yicheng cold hum in the heart,gold CIP machine, Wang Shaoyi deliberately chose in this ghost place, I am afraid it is ulterior motives. Apart from anything else, the ghostly atmosphere alone has already made people feel a little sharp. Wang Shaoyi was very satisfied with their reaction. He stretched out his hand and said, "You three really came to Ping'an City to receive the goods. Let's get to know each other." The two people present gave each other a cold hand and said their names to each other. The thin one, whose name was Kao Chuan, spoke Tientsin dialect, and the fat one, whose name was Bien Fu-jen, spoke with the peculiar Shanxi accent. They only gave their names,chrome washing machine, but did not mention where they came from or what shop they were in. It was obvious that they were both on guard against each other. Only then did Hai Lanzhu know that there were four golden toads outside the inn, and that it was the four waves of antique dealers who had come. Wang Shaoyi personally went to check, killed a spy disguised, the remaining three, qualified to invite to the underworld. Wang Shaoyi's eyes narrowed after all the people had said hello. "Let me ask you a question first. Brother, how do you know what I did in Dongling?" Xu Yicheng had already answered this question and frankly said that he was Yu Peng, but the other two were somewhat hesitant. As soon as Wang Shaoyi pounded the table, he said ferociously, "As I said just now, once the gate of hell is closed, no one is allowed to hide!"! You dare to lie in front of so many evil spirits, but you will be punished! Gao and Bian were still a little embarrassed. Wang Shaoyi sneered, "Let's tell the truth.". The grave of Aisin Gioro's family was dug by me. This is a confidential matter, and only my brother knows about it. When you came to Ping'an City, you must have got a leak from the inside. I don't blame you for asking for money. But if you are not strict, you must have an explanation. You tell me the names of the people who have disclosed the information, and we will continue to do business. If you don't say, I will take you under the knife and weigh it by myself. When his words came out, manganese beneficiation plant ,portable gold wash plant, there was a sudden silence in the underworld. Gao and Bian hung their heads and struggled nervously in their hearts. In this dark small basement, and by ghosts around, the heart was extremely depressed, so Wang Shaoyi a few words easily shook their psychological defense. Xu Yicheng sighed slightly, Wang Shaoyi this sentence is quite fierce, is tantamount to dividing the interests of these two people and the inside line, these people who seek money, where will talk about what loyalty, for their own benefit, what things can not be done? Sure enough, the two men quickly said a person's name. Wang Shaoyi nodded and whispered a few words to the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper put down the lamp, climbed to the ground again, opened the lid, explained a few words, and climbed back. Not long after, two crisp shots were heard outside, and both Gao and Bian shivered. Wang Shaoyi grinned and said, "Look, how happy everyone is to speak honestly."? All right, let's get down to business. The shopkeeper took a bag, put it on the table, and took it out one by one. Quickly made a pile on the table. There are phoenix crowns decorated with pearls, sutra quilts woven with gold, large and small jade Buddhas, green Buddhas, various gold and silver instruments, and precious stones as big as chicken eggs, totaling more than 20 pieces. The light was dim, and Xu Yicheng could only give a rough sweep, which seemed to match the funerary objects stolen from the tomb of the imperial concubine Shu Shen. Compared with them, the clay gold bronze chime and beeswax beads left for Yupeng were worthless. Gao Quan, Bian Furen two people's eyes are straight, these things are hard goods. By hard goods, we mean that something can be worth a lot of money because of its quality. For example, an emerald the size of a chicken egg can be sold for a huge price just for the original stone, regardless of its age. On the other hand, soft goods, such as calligraphy and paintings, are worthless in themselves, and their value has risen sharply only because they are related to celebrities. These things are either gold or jade, if put on the market, at least hundreds of thousands of yuan of business. Otherwise, they would not have heard the wind and come to the city of peace. Xu Yicheng suddenly heard Hai Lanzhu breathing heavily behind him, knowing that the girl could not help it, and secretly coughed, indicating that she should not be impatient. Wang Shaoyi said with a smile, "When women look at gold and silver jewelry, they are all virtuous." All the people present burst into laughter, and the atmosphere relaxed a little. Wang Shaoyi said, "These things are all made from the imperial concubine's mausoleum in Tongzhi. Brother, I'm also taking a big risk. Don't be ungrateful." With a smile on his face, Gao Quan said, "Deputy Wang Tuan has been worrying too much. The Qing Dynasty has been gone for many years. Who can trouble you?" Bian Furen also said, "Yes, the Eastern Tombs are barren. It's better to take them out for the benefit of the living than to let the dead dominate them." Hearing this, Wang Shaoyi nodded his head repeatedly. Suddenly he raised his chin and stared at Xu Yicheng. "Why don't you come over and compliment me?" "Digging a grave,Carbon in Pulp," said Xu Yicheng, "is harmful to the virtue of Yin. I came to Ping'an City to seek money, and I won't take advantage of it. 。

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