The Pillow Book of Three Lives and Three Worlds: The Final Chapter

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She sometimes moved a rattan bed to enjoy the cool under the four seasons fruit trees on the moonlight night. That night when he came out of the mirror-making room, he saw the moonlight like frost in the distance, and she was lying on the rattan bed, sleeping soundly, and the huge crown of the Four Seasons Tree was propped up above her head, casting a shadow, and a volume of poetry slipped from her hand. He loves to see her sleeping, even if there are many troubles in his heart, looking at her quiet sleeping face can make him forget in an instant. She's still with him. The white flowers fell on the rattan bed. He leaned over her, looked at them for a long time, picked one up and pinned it to her temples. His fingers stroked her temples and stopped, sliding over her eyebrows, nose and lips. The first time he gave her flowers was under the Four Seasons Tree. Such an intimate act was like fulfilling a vow, "You and me, Alanruo, I am enough.". For a long time, he leaned over and kissed her on the forehead. She didn't wake up. Fate, however, began to go wrong here. On the pretext of checking the progress of his mirror-making, Mrs. Qinghua went to the house of Alanruo to talk with him. In the mirror-making room, the mask-like makeup appeared in the fragments of the double-sided mirror in his hand. He said in a shallow voice, "As long as Xiangli Que is in office, you won't be able to return to the South Shrine. I don't know what good plan you have, but I know you don't want to be trapped here.". You have always respected my late husband, and my desire to avenge my late husband has not disappeared for a day. Why don't you and I work together to get what we need? If Juanuo ascends the throne, I will make this oath on her behalf that the palace will never offend the shrine. According to his previous plan,Pallet rack supplier, if he was free at this time, he would have forced Xiangli to fight with the shrine, but now Xiangli Que is no longer as reckless as he used to be. He is taking the road of suppressing and nibbling the shrine. On the surface, the shrine looks like nothing happened, but the gods inside must have been replaced by Xiangli Que in the dark. Living in seclusion for nearly two years, he is not ignorant of foreign affairs. He's been waiting for the painting to come to him. When he was young, Xi Ze often said a word of admonition in front of him, we Qinan Shrine, unless absolutely necessary,pipe cantilever rack, never get involved in the struggle of the world, this kind of thing, lost our style. Perhaps Xi Ze had anticipated that one day they would be involved in such a degradation, and he did not want to do it, so he unloaded the burden on him. Since there is a painting to help each other, there must be a death in the phase. Even though the painting is intended to help Ju Nuo ascend the throne, but Ju Nuo ascended the throne or Prince Xiang Li He ascended the throne, what does it matter to him? Qi Nan Shrine only needs the death of Xiang Li Que. He went through the house three times, showing full sincerity, and the other side put the plan in a bag of tricks and gave it to her. The use of poison has never been a magic trick, but it is the most suitable one. Xianglique is suspicious by nature, so there are still many ways to go around before the last step. How to go on every journey, what needs to be avoided, who can be roped in by the government and the public, who can be roped in by the government and the public, what should be done if something is done, and what should be done if it is not done, carrying a thick stack of paper, Industrial pallet rack ,Narrow aisle rack, as precise as a calculation. Although Xiangli Que spoils Qinghua, he forbids her like a bird in a cage. Before that, she didn't know much about the government and the public, but it was he who took her on the road of Machiavellian. Two nights before the death of Xiangli Que, Qinghua went through the mansion again. In the mirror room, he was drawing the frame of the glass mirror, so that people could make a mold according to it. Although she was his aunt, she respectfully called him an adult, consulted with him about the recent situation of Xiangli Que, and promised to welcome him back to the shrine when it was done. Holding the pen, he focused on the drawing paper and said, "If this is done, I want Alanruo." The painting suddenly looked up. He made a cold look: "She put on me, of course, a lot of money, all back to her." Raise an eye to gaze at congealed eyebrow to incline to draw, "still say she is the flesh and blood of your queen after all, your queen is distressed?" The painting was silent for a moment and said, "On the day it's done, Alan Ruo will be an adult." He will not marry Ju Nuo again, and the power of the shrine can neither be attributed to Ju Nuo nor to Alanro. This is the best excuse to bring her back to the shrine safely. But the biggest mistake he made in his life was underestimating the painting. On the night of the sixteenth day of the seventh month, Xiangli Que died. On July 19, he was welcomed back to the shrine in a hurry and presided over the funeral of Xiangli Que. But three days later, news came to the shrine that if Alan killed the king, he had been taken into custody. At that time, above the main hall of the shrine, the black sacrificial bottle suddenly slipped from his hand with a crisp sound. The painting did not fulfill her promise. She was now more thoughtful than he had expected. If he is false or true to Alan, how can he know. She did this, but in case one day, if he moved the truth to Alan, he would help Alan threaten the throne of Orange Nuo. She was going to put Alan to death. She had never thought of herself as her mother. How could he not have thought. After Alan Ruo was locked up, he was also closely monitored. Once he went to the shrine, he spread out his words in front of him, which seemed to be out of a mother's bitterness: "You hate Alanruo so much, but I feel sad when I look at her. She imprisoned you and made a big mistake, but after all, she is my own flesh and blood. If she suffers for a long time, I can't bear it.". For the sake of this palace, even if she has a big mistake, can't she die without your hatred? If you do this favor to this palace, what is the use of this palace in the future, just open your mouth. Having said that, the eyes that distinguish his expression can hardly hide their sharpness. He frowned, as if he were really very dissatisfied. For a moment, Fang said slowly, "There is a woman named Wen Tian in Zongxue. I don't know if you can recognize her. If you feel sorry for me, can you deny that Wen Tian is your adopted daughter?"? She treated me well when I was down and out, and I fell in love with her and wanted to marry her. The painting smiled slowly. "Why not?" In that smile, there was finally some relaxation. Qinghua Yun Wentian went to the shrine to accompany him. When they met, the woman, who had always been quiet, could hardly have a smile on her face. When no one was there, she said to him contemptuously, "I know you married me to repay your kindness. Do you know that it was the Second Princess who showed you the greatest kindness?"? The princess treats you well, even I see in the eyes, this time she was wronged, but you sit idly by. I really liked you once,heavy duty racking system, but today I found that you are not my favorite. He did not defend himself, and at such an extraordinary time he believed no one but himself. If Wen Tian said those words out of his heart, he admired him very much. He needs to be more cautious if he is tempted to say these words by the will of the painting.

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