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Original Title: Stainless Steel VS Titanium Cup, Real Person Evaluation, Video Final Truth Stunned! Every November is always particularly depressed, not only to say goodbye to short skirts and hot pants, but also to face more and more fat loss, but the thermos cup can warm your heart and body in this winter, warm and fashionable, but also healthy, "official announcement" go a wave ~ Pure titanium cup, as the "handle" of the cup industry,titanium plate gr7, still has considerable quality advantages and visual advantages, but is this pure titanium cup as good as it says? This may be the question of many people, "just talk without practice". Today, we will bring you a personal test of 0 distance (star rating mode,titanium bar gr5, number of ratings: 8 people). Today, we selected a thermos cup under the brand of Titanium, so that you can see the beauty of pure titanium water cup 360 degrees without dead angle. Let's go! 1. Unpack Advanced color matching and simple patterns, the outer packaging alone has already encircled me. Expand the full text The moment I took out the box, the artistic design had captured my heart, and I felt that my level had risen several levels immediately. 2. Visual comparison and evaluation of appearance The sense of design is absolutely "perfect" that can be felt without saying, and the inspiration from Monet's works has laid a good foundation for the overall visual effect. With the help of lines, titanium filler rod ,ti6al4v eli, this beauty has risen to another style, and drinking water, the most basic need of life, has become more ritualistic. Stainless steel thermos cups-The appearance color of stainless steel thermos cups on the market is mainly painted and filled. Although the single color is not so vulgar, it lacks artistic flavor, not to mention the complex design of those patterns. It is still difficult to drink a sense of sophistication. Scoring results 3. Comparative evaluation of tactile sensation As soon as I picked it up, I was surprised by the weight of the TAI pure titanium water cup, which is very light in shape and capacity, and has no heavy feeling of the general thermos cup. The touch is also excellent. Titanium gives up the consistent smooth and flowing water design, and chooses the surface of the cup body with a certain degree of convexity and concavity, so that users can not only feel the extraordinary superior feel, but also achieve the anti-skid effect, and there is no hot touch when using. Stainless steel thermos cup-The appearance of common stainless steel thermos cups is relatively uniform. Although some of them have anti-skid and anti-scald settings, they are all assisted by accessories. Although the function is added, the design sense is slightly deficient. Scoring results 4. Corrosivity comparison test As a cup made of pure titanium, it has absolute advantages in corrosion resistance. Titanium is an inert metal with stable chemical properties. It is difficult to oxidize or compound the reaction. It has excellent acid and alkali corrosion resistance and will not react with some high temperature, strong acid and strong alkali substances. Stainless steel thermos cup, stainless steel thermos cup is not rust-proof in the name, but it will not react significantly with other substances in the short term, but it will still precipitate metal and produce rust spots after long-term exposure to air, acid or alkaline substances. The following is the corrosion test of pure titanium cup and ordinary stainless steel thermos cup at TAI ℃. Previously, we compared the TAI ℃ pure titanium water cup with the stainless steel thermos cup from several different aspects. Apart from the outer packaging factors, it is not difficult to see the advantages of the TAI ℃ pure titanium water cup. The final evaluation comparison is as follows: This overwhelming advantage is not created out of thin air, people's demand for quality of life is gradually expanding,titanium exhaust tubing, and this trend will naturally extend to all fields. The existence of pure titanium water cup is the embodiment of people's pursuit of quality-not only to meet the most basic needs, but also to reflect more spiritual values. For more titanium cup evaluation information, please follow the official account: TAICLIFE Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.

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