World of Warcraft Nostalgia: Ornaments known only to older players, Pug's Tape Measure Special Purpose _ Taunt

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Original Title: World of Warcraft Nostalgia Service: Ornaments Only Known to Old Players, Special Use of Pug's Tape Measure How to play Warcraft? Pay attention to Meng Shining. Hello, everyone, I'm Meng Shanshan. The P45 stage has been open for a long time, among which Dragon and Tiger BOSS and Jindu are the most concerned by players. Of course, the hidden BOSS is also very popular, in addition to the weekly random refresh of the 4 BOSS, there is a need for fishing materials to summon the BOSS. The Turtle Book of the Mage dropped by the BOSS can be sold at a relatively high price. In addition to this book, other drops are often disrespectful. However, the value of the falling tape measure is actually very high, perhaps only the old players who played wow in those years know it. Nat Pug's tape measure blue quality. When used, increases the chance of your spells to hit their target by 10% for 15 seconds. (1.2-minute cooldown) As a trinket, it seems that this effect is almost negligible, but it can greatly improve the fault tolerance rate in the copy of NAXX in P6. Warrior is the first class required by the tape measure. The taunt of the key skill is a spell hit, not a physical hit. The difference between BOSS and normal monsters is that the demand for spell hits is particularly high. Even without this trinket, the general BOSS battle can be carried out at present, but the most important thing is that after the opening of the NAXX copy, the tank must have a 100% mockery rate for the 4 death riding BOSS in the DK area. Although the current warrior taunts a lot of skills, but 4DK this BOSS must be able to taunt for T in place. Although there may have been a lot of tanks without tape measures in past versions of wow, garment measuring tape , it's still a good thing to have tape measures available for stability. Expand the full text Moreover, the four-piece suit of the Warrior T3 increases the chance of the taunt hitting the target by 5%, but many tanks can't get four pieces of T3 equipment at all during the reclamation period. Even with the T3 four-piece suit, if you have a tape measure, the taunt effect will be better, and the team's fault tolerance rate will be greatly improved. And in the later period, there will be fewer and fewer people playing ZG. Even if there is a team, it will seldom summon fishing BOSS, and the drop rate is not particularly high, so it is the best choice to take it at present. Priests also have NAXX to arrange tasks, and mind control instructors and students can also wear tape measures to ensure success. But unlike the warrior, the priest can wear cloth armor and high hit equipment. At present, hit equipment is relatively easy to obtain, after all, most of ZG cloth armor equipment is cheap and will add spell hit, such as the ruling of Jindu, the ring of law and the three-piece suit of blood vine made by sewing. In this way, the tape measure ornament is not a special demand. In a word, every time the soldiers encounter the BOSS at this stage, if they drop the tape measure, it is recommended to start with one first, if you are in a violent battle, it is another matter. If you have any other ideas or suggestions, you can leave a message to me below. How to play Warcraft? Pay attention to Meng Shining. Love life, love games! Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.

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