I flirted with old Kang in those years.

"I've come, and I've finally figured out that there's no real right in this harem,

"I've come, and I've finally figured out that there's no real right in this harem, but that person wants to give you or not." She looked at Yue Ying, and her muddy eyes lit up with fire. I have seen too many women in my life, but you are different from them. You have nothing to ask for in this harem. You will live well in this harem. "But you have to promise me that you will always stand on the side of Wanruo, and you have to help Wanruo protect her children and keep the Niu Hu Lu family safe." "I want you to swear to me!" The author has something to say: the code is a bit urgent, we will look at it, and we will fix it later. Chapter 23 passing away. Her voice was hoarse and dark, sending shivers down her spine. Yue Ying hesitated, she did not want to make such an oath, no one can guarantee the future, and she did not know the personality of Niu Hu Lu, if a fool who can not help, or a person who does not listen to the command at all, she can only avoid ah. The queen stared at her all the time, hesitated to see her face, and sneered. If you don't want to swear, it doesn't matter. After I leave, I will leave all my business in the palace all these years in my hands. I will give you and Wanruo a part of it, and then I will stay with Wanruo. Yue Ying heart a cold,Vending Machine Motor, Qiao is the most aware of the whole thing, if she can not stay in their own side, it is somewhat dangerous, the queen's words are obviously threatening her. The queen must have been afraid that she would burn the bridge in the future, so she must have left a defensive position. Her eyes sank. She looked at the queen and said, "Even if the slave swears, how does the empress know that the slave won't go back on his word?" "You swore that I would leave you all the tricks and the profits of these years, but I would leave the fine clouds to Wanruo." Yue Ying gritted her teeth,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, and the queen played the art of checks and balances well. Putting the trick beside her and leaving her a lot of resources is to stabilize her heart. But Qianyun, as a person who has been malicious to her from the very beginning, will certainly help Wanruo to guard against himself around Niu Hu Lu. And although Qianyun did not know the inside story skillfully, she was not a fool. How did Yue Ying get out of the Palace of Earthly Tranquillity and how did she come back? How could she not be suspicious at all. Once Yue Ying intentionally wants to tear up the agreement with the queen, she will do it first, so Qianyun will naturally know, with her disgust for Yue Ying, it is estimated that Niu Hu Lu will immediately go to the emperor to expose her. This guarantees that if Yue Ying wants to live safely in this harem for a long time, she must always stand on the side of the Niu Hu Lu clan. The feeling of being held to the neck with a knife all the time is really uncomfortable, but she can do nothing about it. The situation is stronger than others. I can swear to protect the Niu Hu Lu clan, but the precondition is that my own and future children's lives will not be violated, otherwise I would rather die than be the victim of the Niu Hu Lu clan for a lifetime. She was telling the truth. If she had been kidnapped by the queen for a lifetime, she might as well have died. What's the point of being used for a lifetime. But now can only be a temporary compromise, in the future to see that Niu Hu Lu like the mind, Planetary Gear Motor ,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, and then look for a turn for the better. The queen stared at her for a long time and finally said slowly, "Yes, you can swear now." Yue Ying knelt in front of the queen and raised her right hand. I, Yue Ying of the Xilin Jueluo clan, hereby swear that I will do my best to protect the safety of the Niu Hu Lu clan and its children, as well as the Niu Hu Lu clan, without affecting my own life and the lives of my children in the future. If you break this oath, you will be punished by God. But if one day the other side mutinied first, then don't blame me for being ruthless. Yue Ying added a sentence silently in the bottom of her heart. Although she doesn't believe in the idealistic anti-science thing of the oath, after all, the same anti-science thing has happened, and she still has to guard against it. Staring at Yue Ying's oath, the queen's expression suddenly relaxed, as if she had let out her last strong breath. She said faintly, "I hope that on the day when this oath is not fulfilled, I believe in my own vision, and you are not a ruthless man." "The road ahead is up to you, and this palace can only accompany you here.". ” · On February 26, the 17th year of the reign of Emperor Kangxi, Empress Niu Hu Lu died in the Kunning Palace, and the whole country was in mourning. Yue Ying and Nong Qiao had been busy for a day and a night without sleeping. They packed up their last clothes for the queen with wooden faces and watched the queen being carried into the Nanmu Zi Palace, which had already been prepared by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. News came from the Gate of Heavenly Purity, saying that the empress Dowager was sad about the death of the empress, but she drove to the Gate of Heavenly Purity to enter the palace to cry. Kangxi persuaded and comforted her again and again, and the empress Dowager went back. Kangxi also ordered Hui Pin and Yi Pin to help the imperial concubine Tong Jia to preside over the funeral ceremony of the empress. The imperial edict of the former Dynasty had also been issued, ordering all the kings, beizi, dukes, ministers, grand bachelors, bachelors, and bodyguards to enter the Qianqing Gate. All the civil and military officials of the Manchu and Han Dynasties gathered outside the Qianqing Gate to mourn. Princess, princess and so on, the king, bele imperial concubine and eight banners two grades above life woman, all enter the kunning palace to mourn. Yue Ying and other palace people also have to rest to prepare for the people to come to the Palace of Earthly Tranquillity to mourn. Tong Jia had never been able to count on this kind of thing, and Kangxi knew it very well in his heart, so the main thing was a few concubines. Concubine Hui directed the people to sort out the same things sent by the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the funeral, and began to decorate the mourning hall of the Kunning Palace. Yi Pin, on the other hand, took the dazzling roster that Yue Ying was looking at, and arranged to come to the Palace of Earthly Tranquillity to mourn the rank of the people according to the status and dignity of the women. The Kunning Palace, which had been silent for a long time because of the queen's serious illness, was busy and noisy again because of this funeral. The women knelt down neatly in front of the queen's spirit, all crying tearfully and hoarsely, and even a few older princesses and Baylor princesses cried so hard that they fainted on the spot. Yue Ying knelt on the bluestone outside the main hall of the Palace of Earthly Tranquillity. As a member of the palace,brushless gear motor, she was not qualified to go into the hall to cry. The cold wind was blowing, and she had a cold war in her thin filial piety clothes. For five days in a row, Kangxi left the court and mourned the departure of the empress. ichgearmotor.com

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